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How-to: Automate and Streamline Your Tedious Affiliate Activities

We can’t be productive all the time, can we? After all, we have a social life and plenty of activities on your minds outside of work day-in and day-out; Affiliate Marketing isn’t everything we do in our normal routine. Sometimes we get lazy. For others, it’s a lifestyle of being wired and on-the-go. Either way, it still means a lot of work to keep a website active on a basic level. What about when we’re zapped on energy and motivation (let alone trying to keep an active profile)? Here are two substantial items you should consider streamlining and automating to … Continue reading

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3 Quick Ways to Get More YouTube Views

YouTube is an excellent platform to conduct video marketing because it’s the largest of the video sharing websites, readily claims top positions in Google search, and has a load of neat features that would delight any affiliate marketer. The process of developing video, for YouTube, is easier than ever and can quickly transform your affiliate business into an authority powerhouse if used correctly. A simple $100 setup (which includes a camera and editing software) is one of the smallest investments with the greatest rewards in terms of brand exposure, link building, monetary gain, and content production. It’s a fact that … Continue reading

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The Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

The Super Bowl is a big deal in the United States. One particular element that everyone seems to be on board with, even if they care little for the actual game, is the commercials. These ads come at top dollar but have done wonders for many brands throughout the ages; they’re quick, witty, often hysterical, and will have people talking for years to come. Take a glance through the best of the best for this year’s Super Bowl XLVII – you may learn a few things about the audience, yourself, and how business is evolving beyond the straight-forward sales pitch. … Continue reading

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A Dead-Simple Guide for using Case Studies to Boost Industry Authority

The most widely underused asset for building a business, in affiliate marketing, seems to be case studies. The creation of case studies do require the extra effort but the fact that so few affiliates employ this method of lead generation is astounding and giving it a shot, in your business, could provide major benefits to your bottom-line. In this piece, you’ll learn the how, what, and why of case studies for effective lead generation. A little bit of work will go a loooong way, check it out … For Your Consideration: The Humble Case Study Case studies are in-depth pieces … Continue reading

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How To Turn Your Passion into a Passionate Affiliate Business

There are plenty of great business leaders that will tell you to leave the emotion at the door and sell a product that’s in demand. This common form of business takes a mechanical approach with calculated actions and risks; they also happen to be some of the most profitable in their respective industries. But what if you loathe the thought of promoting products and services you absolutely hate (even if they’re very lucrative and profitable)? It’s not for everyone but building a business focused around a passion is extremely satisfying and may present opportunity on the same level as one … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to Traffic Generation: Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has been touted as the next generation of link building because it allows you to simultaneously reach out to a new community, display your expertise, expand your brand, and (of course) build links to your website in one fell swoop. Used effectively, guest blogging can quickly become a main staple of your business during peak launch periods, bolstering review and money pages, lead to greater list building, and allow you to “get your foot in the door” with fellow website owners. What this does mean is an increase in your content production frequency and additional work, on your … Continue reading

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Stupidly Simple Ways to Implement Ideas when you’re strapped for Time

Time is money, friend. Donning the hat of an affiliate marketer means you’re in a constant struggle with the dwindling amount of workable hours. Not only are you trying to operate your business but there’s an inherent set of daily activities that need to reach completion whether it’s keeping up with the latest industry news or reaching out to your community on social networks. Time is limited and each passing day adds a variety of tasks which prevents you from completing many of your goals. What if I told you that implementing ideas when you’re strapped on time doesn’t need … Continue reading

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Ten Creative Outlets for Leftover Business Ideas

Being a wired, busy entrepreneur has its drawbacks due to the myriad of ideas floating around your brain, constantly vying for your attention. It’s true: great entrepreneurs are the ones that are quick on their feet for implementing ideas but the rest of us, those that just want to make a break, will find that we all have plenty of ideas but not enough outlets to bring them to fruition. The problem we face, as marketers, is the conflicting decision on whether to pursue an idea. We store away our ideas into sticky notes, word documents, bullet points on whiteboards, … Continue reading

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Six Worthwhile Business Investments to Reach a Six-Figure Income

Besides rolling a perfect hand and having your business launch with flying success – you need to make investment into your work. The affiliate marketers you see touting their six-figure incomes are ones which understand that business needs solid funding in order for it to expand beyond a small home office. What’s particularly interesting about these individuals comes not from the money they’re pouring in but the right selection of their skills and resources to fund. After all, someone could hand you a million dollars which can be blown very rapidly if you set it toward a non-profitable direction. With … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to Traffic Generation: Forums

When is the last time you became a member of a forum? Your mind is drawing a blank – isn’t it? No worries, though, because forums aren’t exactly the hot ticket items as they used to be in the earlier days of the Web; this last decade has seen forums die off rapidly because of new platforms touting new technologies for communication. However, who said they were dead? Better question: who said they weren’t a viable form of community building and traffic generation? In this guide, I’ll share how to rediscover forums and turn your forum accounts into some of … Continue reading

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