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The Beginner’s Guide to Traffic Generation: Google+

Google has seen its follies when it comes to social media implementation; we all remember the whole Google Buzz and Wave experiments. Though nothing can quite compare to the sheer size of Facebook, it’s the latest rendition of social networking by Google that has been turning quite a few heads because the platform gives a fresh take on creating connections, sharing content, and doing business. This is, of course: Google+. Google+ has seen a very rapid adoption due to a brilliant invite-only campaign which had the blogging community buzzed. Before long, everyone was invited and Google quickly nabbed up a … Continue reading

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Moonlighting the Affiliate Lifestyle while Rockin’ the 9-to-5

Moonlighting. The act of working a second job without the general awareness of others knowing. Affiliate marketing can be a dangerous game for newcomer’s because it presents a vast set of challenges and requires a keen understanding of many business elements which aren’t taught, openly, to those working a “day” job or those in an un-related career. Moonlighting, as an affiliate, grants those comfortable in their current position to begin learning an implementing business projects with the aid of a safety net. Though a person’s potential for growth is somewhat limited by holding a full-time position – it’s still completely … Continue reading

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How-To: Change the Rules of the Affiliate Marketing Game

One of the biggest problems with being an affiliate marketer is the fact that you must continue to change the way you do business in order to stay in competition. The reasoning for this has greatly been search engine changes on behalf of Google but more so by the fact that society is changing, as a whole. In the past, it was easy to slap together a landing page, offer a product, buy a bit of advertising, and call it a day, but the game is changing and it’s no longer enough to cover the basics. In fact, the only … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to Traffic Generation: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social network that has quickly engulfed the world of business, online and offline. The network is jam-packed with amazing business-focused individuals promoting their personal and associated brands, sharing informative content, and striking deals through connections. No doubt, LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for building business relationships and an even greater asset for generating traffic and conversions for online businesses. In this post, I’ll take you through the basics of getting started on LinkedIn and the strategies for turning your usage of the network into a machine for generating new site visitors. Here we go … … Continue reading

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How to Get More from Your Affiliate Promotions

It just so happens that your earnings are often directly related to the amount of time you put into your affiliate promotions throughout your daily schedule; you’re often focused on grabbing the ‘low hanging fruit’. So what’s an affiliate marketer to do when you’ve already tapped all their available time and cleared out the easy wins? You could certainly take an outsourced approach whereas you pay others to do the work but this costs money which you may not readily have available at this time. Alternatively, you could cannibalize some of your projects to free your time though this also … Continue reading

Leave a comment A Fresh, Ethical Network for Health-Driven Affiliates is a fresh affiliate network offering a wide variety of offers related to the health industry that is sure to pique the interest in any affiliate marketer finding themselves within the niche. At first glance, comes across exactly how the brand name describes: a focus on quality niche categories – rather than trying to be everything for everyone. As you already know, the health industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world; it readily pulls in billions of dollars in consumer goods and trillions within the medical field. No doubt, one of the most difficult … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to Traffic Generation: YouTube

Why do so few affiliate marketers shy away from the video medium? After all, YouTube is one of the most trafficked websites in the world and the video medium is one of the most engaging forms of online marketing. Perhaps the biggest reason most affiliate marketers withhold from YouTube comes from their fear of being seen on camera or the simple fact that video production is more intensive than writing a quick article or email promotion. This article aims to disprove the “difficultly” of creating online video; it will take you through the process of setting up a YouTube channel, … Continue reading

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Mastering the Art of Affiliate Blogging with a Shaolin Focus

By the end of this article – you’ll be doing finger pushups at your keyboard whenever you get down to working on your affiliate marketing blog. Like all skills, it takes time to become a master. Your affiliate business content may be rough around the edges when you’re first getting your start but, over time, it hardens like a rock – enough to break boards over. Sit in a lotus position and keep your ears and eyes open because you’re about to get a crash-course on content creation kung fu. Developing Strength through Unity Unity in affiliate content. The ability … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to Traffic Generation: Facebook

There’s no point beating around the bush: if you’re not on Facebook than you’re losing a whole heaping of potential leads to your affiliate marketing business. Facebook, the goliath of a social networking site, has found integration in nearly every piece of our gadgets and technology, stretches across the globe, and keeps users hooked longer than nearly any other website. For the savvy mindset of an affiliate marketer – you can immediately understand the benefits of gaining access to your community especially since they’re already there and they’re already talking about you. In this article, I’ll take you through the … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to Traffic Generation: Twitter

Twitter. The standard for micro blogging. Twitter’s best use is through its ability to instantly put you in touch with like-minded individuals within your interests, topics, and industry. Over the years, Twitter has evolved beyond its simplistic beginnings and has set itself as one of the most useful tools for small and large businesses to reach their desired community members. Though Twitter is still primarily a tool for personal communication – it certainly packs a punch when used for traffic generation. In this article, I’ll take you through a short-and-sweet guide on getting started with the platform, strategies for building … Continue reading

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