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The Rise of the Micro Transaction: Small Pricing forms Big Profits

In recent years, we’ve seen a shift from large ticket items for what we could call “micro transactions”; small, but valuable, sales that, on the whole, make a very large chunk of profit for those businesses employing this method of monetary generation. In affiliate marketing, it’s very common to see products and services reaching astronomical levels such as a $1997 course or tens of thousands for personal coaching. The mindset behind these big ticket items has been that they provide a greater attraction to gaining affiliates as their work is highly rewarded versus multiple, low-scale commissions. However, since the Web … Continue reading

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Common Mythologies Associated with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is saturated with good and bad information. It’s all too common to find that the medium is faster than the message whereas information spreads at such a rapid rate that it’s almost impossible to find the source let alone how and why certain strategies have come to fruition. Because of our rapid mediums, misconceptions and mythologies have formed around the affiliate marketing industry. In this post, we’ll cover three of these common myths ever-present and abolishing their existence will lead to a greater, more successful experience with the industry. That you must be anywhere and everywhere There has … Continue reading

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Top Affiliate Marketing Projections for 2013

The year 2012 is coming to close and the New Year is about to launch. With it comes a sweeping array of changes to affiliate marketing in which you must embrace in order to adapt and evolve your business. You will need to consider investing into your business. Now is not the time to take all of your earnings and throw it in the bank – siphon that money back into your business assets so you can turn 2013 into the most amazing year yet. In this post, you’ll learn of six big changes and predictions for the up-coming year … Continue reading

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How-To Write Jaw-Dropping Emails that Gets the Click

An email list, when used properly, becomes a powerful business asset used to generate interest in your content, encourages followers to share your work, and, the fun part, spur conversion and sales. I imagine that you went ahead and slapped together an email list; you probably have a growing number of subscribers on it, too. However, it’s most likely neglected because it’s all too common to jump on the idea of building a list (since so many people talk about it) yet it’s not being maintained or nurtured. You have the best intentions to make email marketing work for your … Continue reading

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The Traffic Generation Blueprint: An Exact Guide to the First 100 Visitors a Day

You found an idea for a niche, you’ve setup your website, and you found products to promote. Its launch day, you’re excited at the awesome opportunities you’ve heard about in affiliate marketing, you wait patiently and … no one comes. Ouch. Launching a new website, from scratch, can be a real shock to the system. Just because you have a great design, great idea, and great opportunity doesn’t mean you’ll pull in traffic. Sure, you covered your bases by reading up on traffic generation tactics – you probably put some into effect – but things still aren’t going the way … Continue reading

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The Facebook Attraction Method: Graphics & SEO Elements to Spice up your Fan Page

Facebook is a powerful tool for social media marketing but the platform, especially in advertising, does not take too kindly to affiliate marketers because it has been abused in the past. Nowadays, it’s the fan page that gets the most hype because it’s an open, social platform to connect with your community on a site which everyone uses; there is low resistance for your community to sign up in comparison to handing over their email because they most likely have accounts on the giant of a social network. On a fan page, the initial setup really only gives you the … Continue reading

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Chirp, Chirp: The Web Is Eerily Quiet Today (So Don’t Miss These Opportunities)

It’s December 25th which means the Mayan’s prediction for the end of the world hasn’t come true. Wait … that’s not the big news. There’s something important today, what was it again? Oh yes, it’s Christmas Day. Though Christmas is by no means the only holiday that falls on the 25th of December, you certainly can’t escape knowing about it because your social feeds are more than likely blasted with updates by now. Christmas morning is generally reserved for opening presents whereas the afternoon is for play and relaxation. Most brick-and-mortar businesses have closed up shop and it’ll be difficult … Continue reading

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A Handful of Engaging Facebook Status Templates for your Social Media Marketing Swipe File

Facebook has been an incredible opportunity for small and large businesses to build their brand and engage with their users. One problem that many business owners face, which I’m sure you can agree, is what you should be posting to the Facebook feed on your fan page. The big brands have years of market placement, extensive customer lists, and huge advertising budgets and because of this they easily become case studies to marketers. Using these big brands as examples doesn’t really help the small business owner because, in comparison, they are starting fresh, their community is a fraction in size, … Continue reading

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The Bartering Guide to Trading Services, Online: Get What You Want, When You Want, and Help Others

Money, money, money. That’s the bottom line for most affiliate marketers but by going the money route, do you think you’re leaving opportunity on the table? What if I told you that you could use your skills in affiliate marketing to get what you want, when you want, without needing to worry about your income? That’s right; we’re going back to the early days of commerce – back to bartering. In this guide, I’ll provide you with a simple-to-use approach to trading your skills for virtually anything you want and need. Bringing Back Bartering Your skills are in demand. Small … Continue reading

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How To Siphon an Extra $1,000 a Month through Local Meet Ups with Affiliate Marketers

This is a short-and-sweet guide about earning extra income through local meet ups through the integration of tutoring and affiliate marketing. It’s not for everyone (especially the socially awkward) but it can become absolutely lucrative in the right hands of the “go-getters”. One of the most overlooked segments of affiliate marketing is the cross over from the Web to the real world. Most rely on marketing campaigns conducted on the web, email lists, and websites as their main vehicle for income; this is but a piece of the pie and there is much money left on the table. Expand Your … Continue reading

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