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The Value of Forming a Mastermind Group and the Simple Steps to Get One Started

A mastermind group is a collection of like-minded individuals with the expressed goal of obtaining success within their desired industries. In a lot of ways, it’s a circle of friends that has each other’s’ back when the time is needed. A mastermind group fulfills a variety of purposes: Aid in the promotion and marketing of each other’s brands Feedback and quality control Guidance and motivation Joint business ventures & opportunities The mastermind group you form, often with other individuals within your existing network, aims to help one another in reaching goals; in return for each individual’s effort to aid another, … Continue reading

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The Minimalist Guide to Setting Up a (Quiet) Home Office

Whether you’re making an effort to become a full-time affiliate marketer or just need to get some extra work done from home – a home office is the ideal work environment if you plan to get things done. Sure, working from a remote location at a beach or from the coffee house looks neat and all but the vast majority of us need a quiet work environment if we plan to tackle our business activities; we can’t have people strolling in for a chat or the dogs running around your feet. Many affiliate marketers setup shop in some corner space … Continue reading

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The Good (and Naughty) List of Affiliate Marketing for the Holiday Season

Every year a certain “somebody” makes a judgment whether we’re on the good or naughty list. No, we’re not talking about the big guy in the red suit. The end of the year spells an exciting launching point for the New Year’s plans but this isn’t always the case for those affiliate marketers landing on the short end of the marketing “stick”. We’ve all seen ups and downs due to search updates; there’s been quite a stir due to affiliate network changes, the election cycle, trends, new startups, and more. No doubt, 2012 has been a fairly crazy year in … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Forget: It’s the Conversions, Not the Numbers

It’s easy to get wrapped up with the “arms race” that is website traffic and social media following. After all, these items on your long list of business to-do’s can be increased on a daily basis and you have immediate satisfaction knowing you’ve added to these numbers. Satisfying as they may be, it’s not about the numbers. A business must produce a profit in order to operate. Long hours grinding away at your website, marketing campaigns, and social media engagement doesn’t do much for your business if what you’re doing is “spinning your wheels”. The true measure of success comes … Continue reading

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The Art and Science of Autonomous Online Social Media Promotion

Social media is amazing. Enough said. What other platform do you know of allows you to reach millions of people … for free? However, awesome as it may be, social media adds a whole new job to your ever-growing list of things to do in your daily operations when working your business. Many business owners shy away from the momentous task of doing social media marketing simply because it can become a hassle to keep up with multiple communities outside of an existing customer base. After all, it’s difficult to track the complete “picture” with a social media campaign because … Continue reading

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How-To: Form an Iron-Clad Website Blueprint to Dominate the Search Engines

Does your website operate from a blueprint? Probably not. Your website, as what many affiliate marketers have done, has been pieced together, over time, to replicate your current campaigns and goals. In some ways, it’s a Frankenstein website that receives cosmetic updates but, at its core, is a mish-mash of technology and code. Don’t fret. Your website is perfectly fine the way it is especially if you’re already making money but you must consider the future and where the Web will take us in order to adapt and evolve; this goes doubly true if you want to dominate your industry … Continue reading

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Ask the Community: What is YOUR Definition of Success?

There’s a specific scene in the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps where two of the main characters discuss how much they’d need to just “walk away” and retire. One replies “more”. We each have our own definition of success. Some of us want more money. Some want the ability to travel. Some want free time to spend with family and friends. In all, our success is completely determined by our outlook on life, where we feel we’re going, and whether we think we can obtain success through our dedication. The affiliate lifestyle presents a unique opportunity for each and … Continue reading

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The “Content Flippers” Guide to Easy Kindle Ebook Creation

Right now, you’re sitting on a mountain of great content. Simply having it only on your website or in your email list is truly stifling your ability to make the most with your assets. The idea of “flipping” is quite common to hear when talking about websites but what about content? After all, it’s your content and you can do with it as you please. The content you’ve produced can go into a wealth of new opportunities for your affiliate marketing business whether it’s populating a membership area or, better yet, tapping into the Kindle ebook marketplace. The following sections … Continue reading

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A Handful of Reasons to Stay Up Late (Working on your Business)

The Web never sleeps. This very moment, even if you’re off into la-la land, people are visiting your website, absorbing your message, and considering the purchase of your affiliate products. Likewise, they’re active on social media networks asking questions, sharing content, and engaging one another. You may be the type that calls it quits once it hits that 5 o’ clock hour but knowing that potential affiliate sales may come through at the wee hours of the morning may give you a valid reason to stay up late and work; more importantly, while others are sleeping, you could be working … Continue reading

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Five Actions to Drastically Improve your Affiliate Website and Break from the Crowd

The website is the heart and center of an affiliate marketing business because it presents a hub to publish content, collect a community, and drive your marketing. Not having one, in this day and age, means you’re missing a great opportunity to grow and evolve your business. On the other end, operating a website that’s lackluster and void of value can actually harm your brand and potential because people are very quick to judge your character based on their initial impression of your site. It’s not fair to judge a book by its cover but we all do it. This … Continue reading

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