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How To: DOMINATE Black Friday & Cyber Monday as an Affiliate Marketer

Black Friday and its online counterpart, Cyber Monday, are two of the most hectic consumer “holidays” in the United States (and throughout much of the world). These are the two days when retailers slash prices to incredibly low levels, use ‘door busters’ to siphon people into the store, and see their shelves swiped clean in a matter of hours. Cyber Monday followed as an online retailer’s response to the (traditionally) physical Black Friday sales (though these later years have seen a blend of the two days of being online and offline). An affiliate marketer can find great success and incredible … Continue reading

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Freebie: The Unstoppable Content Checklist

When your website is going no where and you’re feeling run down, don’t fret, it may be your content. Sure, you’re working hard on those new blog posts and website articles but did you set the right things in motion to ensure that each and every piece is a money maker? After all, you’re most likely choosing the right products to promote – it’s just that your message isn’t reaching your audience. Your content defines your brand – it becomes the driving force behind many affiliate promotions and offers; there’s a huge difference between the one-off post and a highly … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Developing Money-Making Pages [Part 4]

We’re half way through our Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing series (see: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3); this is where things get REALLY good – where things come together and begin to earn you MONEY. It may seem like a stretch but your website content becomes a product and, simultaneously, a vehicle for distributing your message. That is, a product in the sense that people find value in its information and a vehicle because it comes packaged with your affiliate promotions. The lucrative gain for content in the realm of affiliate marketing become “money pages”. These “money pages” consist … Continue reading

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Popup Domination: The Definitive Tool for List Building

Popup Domination is a product, created by Michael Dunlop of the IncomeDiary fame, which provides a simple-to-install lightbox popup for building email lists and subscribers without much need for the technical know-how of web programming. The initial launch of the product came some time ago and I was quick to purchase the plugin for one of my websites because, like we’ve all heard, “the money is in the list.” Now I’d like to give you my feedback about the product and how it can be used, within your website and affiliate business, for truly astounding list building purposes. What is … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Content Creation & Marketing [Part 3]

Pay-per-click, social media, local SEO, link building, guest posting, directories, banner advertising, cost-per-action – gah! The amount of traffic generation strategies can grind you to a halt because there are simply too many choices; you find yourself too involved with learning the new methods than actually implementing them. On top of it all: not all traffic is the same. The goal of any affiliate business is to convert; content is that driving force in high search engine placement, social media interaction, cultivating a community, and delivering sales. So forget the endless methods and strategies for building your traffic and sales … Continue reading

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Ask the Community: If You Had Just One Hour to Work Each Day – What Would You Do?

Launching an online, affiliate business seems to bring out the martyrdom in people; they’re ready to sacrifice their time (often 20 – 40+ hours each week) on top of their normal work schedule. Sure the rewards are incredible if the business pans out but what happens if you never leave this double work routine? In business, the 80/20 rule is king; it states that 80% of your profits will come from 20% of your products – likewise, it means 80% of your success will come from 20% of your efforts. If we know not every activity is leading to our … Continue reading

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Freebie: The Niche Selection Checklist

Discovering a niche doesn’t necessarily lead you straight to success because, despite what you may believe and heard, not every niche topic and venture has potential. A niche merely allows you to compete on a global level without falling into an “arms race” with major corporations and businesses that dominate the big industries. A niche may allow you to build a great following, brand, and some incredible traffic but it may also be virtually impossible to monetize and earn from your efforts. Instead, I wanted to share this freebie that not only helps you find a niche but to ensure … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing: The Complete Website Setup Guide [Part 2]

The following is part two of the “Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing” series; to visit the beginning, check out the guide on discovering your niche. A website facilitates multiple purposes; it’s a modern printing press for your ideas, a marketplace for your products, and a central hub for your community building, and at the heart of it all is your brand. The process of setting up a website is easier than ever with the introduction of new technologies, mainly content management systems, and detailed tutorials on the topic, such as this one. Let’s get down to the details … Part … Continue reading

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Inspiring Niche Ventures in Action, Why They’re Successful, and How To Replicate Their Success

As an affiliate marketer, you’re likely to be tempted by the riches and success you’ve often seen by those in the big markets such as health, wealth, and beauty. Yes, these individuals that have made their mark on these industries earn a respectable income but what’s the chances of you reaching their same level of success – even if they told you their complete blueprint and secrets? Most businesses reach their success based on a wide variety of factors well out of the control of the business owner; this goes double for online ventures. The chances of you creating the next … Continue reading

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The Small Business Facebook Marketing Guide: Only the Essentials

Social media, especially Facebook, creates an inexpensive opportunity to reach members of your community, share content, and cultivate sales. It represents the low-hanging fruit that most small business owners grasp in comparison to heavily technical projects such as building a website, email newsletters, and other forms of online marketing which often become passed off because of the inherent challenge of implementing these platforms into a business. Whether your small business revolves around affiliate marketing, freelancing, ecommerce or whatever, Facebook can be used to effectively build your brand (and sales) if you stick to the essentials. Why Facebook Matters for a … Continue reading

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