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The Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Discovering Your Niche [Part 1]

There are millions of websites and billions of web pages floating around the web. Unlimited products, an ever-growing list of digital downloads, and a constant chatter in the social media universe. What makes you think you can stand out when you’re up against billions of online users? Going after a broad niche such as fitness is going to be a toughie. Not only would you need to up your game to compete with the big boys but now you’re staring down massive budgets in advertising and online marketing – something you probably don’t have laying around to invest. The simplest … Continue reading

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The Weekend Warrior’s Guide to Saturday and Sunday

Why does it seem that every website, blogger, and affiliate marketer works the normal weekday angle but then totally dips off the face of the web once the weekend rolls around? You’d imagine the weekend being one of the best times to get in touch with your community because they have, after all, the days off. They may have plans but they’ll feel a content void and turn to the web for entertainment, no doubt. So why not make the most of the weekend through your affiliate marketing? When others are relaxing, you could be leading the charge, snagging new … Continue reading

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It’s Me, Murray: Let’s Talk about Affiliate Marketing

Hey al, it’s me, Murray. Many of you may have noticed that I’ve been writing for for some time now (thank you for reading!); today I’m especially proud to announce that I’ve been given the keys to the website (so to speak) which means you’ll be seeing a lot more of me – so, I’d like to introduce myself. A Little Something about Me I’m a geek. I can’t honestly remember how long it’s been since I first stumbled across a computer but the moment I did, I knew I was hooked. I’ve seen the web mature. Those days … Continue reading

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Wayfair (Formerly CSN Stores): A Zillion Things for the Affiliate Marketer

Wayfair, formerly CSN Stores, consolidated all of their online properties after a massive investment round and came back with their new brand, a massive website update, and a push into proper affiliate management. Wayfair is, by no means, a little fish in the big pond. Their brand and ecommerce reach has delivered them over 2 million visitors a day and earning them over $500 million in revenue in 2011. If you’re seeking an alternative to or, take a look into what Wayfair has to offer … Wayfair: The Overview With nearly 12 million orders placed since 2002, Wayfair … Continue reading

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Lump Sum Profits: You’ll Flip when Flipping Websites

The money-making method of site flipping is, in no way, a revolutionary idea but it is difficult to get the basics down pat let alone the mindset required to make sound business decisions when it comes to buying web properties. The aim of Lump Sum Profits, by Ryan Moran, is to guide newbies into the lucrative business of site flipping for profit. In this short review, I’ll be giving you the heads up about the program and what’s on the table if you choose to promote the product as an affiliate. Let’s take a look … Lump Sum Profits: The … Continue reading

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2013 Affiliate Conferences to Plan for NOW

2013 is around the corner and this means a new season of conferences will about to make their appearance. With each of these passing conferences, you’re given a golden opportunity to reach out and network with fellow affiliates (while learning a whole slew of valuable strategies to bring back to your business). Here are eight affiliate conferences you should begin planning for now. Affiliate Summit Affiliate Summit has been the premier conference since 2003; its sponsors, speakers, and location (Las Vegas) makes it the perfect event to learn and network. Keynotes for 2013 will be done by Daniel Ruettiger, Julie … Continue reading

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The Tobacco & Cigarettes Niche: Addicted to Earnings

Tobacco, one of the staple crops we all know, has fueled an industry so massive that it’s become part of our everyday lives. Tobacco goes well beyond a cigarette, right into dips, cigars, snus, hookah, and much more. Yes, tobacco has addictive properties but we’re addicted on is the opportunities that come from promoting this niche. Assessing the Tobacco & Cigarettes Niche (and Industry) Disclaimer: There are two sides of ethics with this industry. On one hand, you’re promoting a product which does cause bodily harm. On the other, it’s a person’s free will to enjoy these products. We won’t … Continue reading

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Barnes & Noble Affiliate Program: Get Hooked on a Good Book (and More)

Amazon may have the edge on the book market when it comes to online commerce but Barnes & Noble has shown their true grit when it comes to dominating the physical marketplace (and giving the “Big A” a run for their money in the eReader industry). In size, Barnes & Noble is the world’s largest bookseller which supplies millions of hungry readers with endless options to choose from. As an affiliate, you’ll be delighted at the unique offerings provided through the B&N affiliate program. In this short review, we’ll give you the nuts & bolts of being a Barnes & … Continue reading

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Adknowledge Launches New Network

Adknowledge has recently announced the launch of its new “Adknowledge Partner Network”, an exclusive, invite-only network for high-end affiliate marketing. In a statement on behalf of Adknowledge: “We wanted to narrow down our list of thousands of partners to a much smaller group of our top, most successful partners,” said Matt Hoggatt, general manager of the Email Channel. “It wasn’t fair to our very best and most loyal partners that a disproportionate amount of resources were going to support smaller partners with lower combined revenue numbers. By working more closely and attentively with just our highest performing partners, we’ve discovered … Continue reading

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Mass Profits Sites: A True Glimpse at Unethical Marketing and Lack of Support

The tagline reads “Is It Possible To Earn $463.34 in 2 Minutes A Day?”, quite a boasted by the original rendition of Mass Profits Sites, a mini site development service. Today, version 2.0 is on the market and aims to please at just $20 a month Mass Profits Sites: The Overview The idea behind Mass Profits Sites is that the program you buy into automatically creates product websites based on your affiliate ID for “hot” products in the marketplace. The base package, about 50 websites, seems to be the starting point for most but many users have reported seeing an … Continue reading

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