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Thanksgiving Niche: Be Thankful Incredible Opportunities

Gobble Gobble! Thanksgiving is around the corner and we all know that means: it’s time to get promoting! Thanksgiving is a time to get together, enjoy good food, watch a bit of football, and prepare for the holiday season (including the much loved Black Friday). Food is a big thing, obviously, but people also spend BIG money on gifts, party supplies, and cooking equipment which means you have a great opportunity to capture a niche holiday market and turn it profitable (and tasty). Here’s what we recommend to get started in the Thanksgiving niche. Preparing for the Thanksgiving Holiday (Affiliate … Continue reading

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Blogging Tips by Zac Johnson: Confessions of a Six-Figure Blogger

Zac Johnson, six figure blogger, has recently launched a new ebook, Blogging Tips, on the Kindle platform detailing his best tips and tricks for blogging success. There are many books on this subject within the marketplace so when I snagged a copy I had set high expectations and I must say, I was very delighted about the details and insights on properly launching a successful blog. About the Book The ‘Blogging Tips’ book spans 96 packed pages that covers all of the main topics you’d come to expect when learning about this topic and has been broken down into the … Continue reading

Leave a comment Affiliate Program Review, one of the oldest, most comprehensive online retailers with nearly 20 million products is an affiliate marketers dream. Owned by Rakuten, a Japanese online and electronics company which also happens to operate the Linkshare network, brings the best of both worlds through an incredible selection of products for promotion and a tie in to the Linkshare network, one of the leading affiliate networks online. In this review, we’ll take a look at the program, its pros and cons, and why it would be within your best interest to bring everything under one roof to maximize your potential through … Continue reading


Club Med: All-Inclusive Vacations and Luxurious Commissions

Club Med offers luxurious, all-inclusive getaways to some of the world’s most exotic and scenic places. Operating out of five continents, spread across 30 countries, and 80+ locations around the world. Club Med is an exciting opportunity for affiliate marketers that seek to promote the good life. Fine cuisine, travel, lodging, entertainment, and much more, Club Med delivers and you’ll be singing praise for this affiliate program. Let’s give it a review. Club Med: The Overview Club Med is very active all around the world. Their products and services encompass anywhere from a relaxing game of golf to epic cruises … Continue reading

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Pepperjam Network: Transparency in Affiliate Marketing [Review]

Pepperjam Network, or rather Pepperjam Exchange, provides online performance marketing and technology or, in everyday terms: it’s an affiliate network. As a publisher, you’re given access to thousands of viable products for promotion and tools to aid in your online marketing. For advertisers, you gain access to a growing “workforce” of commission-based affiliates dead set on selling your product or services. The difference in the Pepperjam Exchange is what they’ve dubbed “transparency” which, like the term used elsewhere, allows advertisers to gain full disclosure to their publishing partners to build better, lasting relationships with affiliates and ensure online promotions accurately … Continue reading

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I’m With Jamie: Well, It Would Be Better That You’re Not

I’m With Jamie is an online course that takes users through the process of earning money through building and flipping websites, affiliate marketing, and outsourcing. The core structure of this course is centered around new comer’s to this industry through a series of videos, worksheets, webinars, and other training resources that cover all matters of the Internet marketing basics. In this short overview, we’ll take a look into what’s offered through the I’m With Jamie product and what you stand to earn promoting this product as an affiliate. I’m With Jamie: The Overview Jamie Lewis, the creator behind the “I’m … Continue reading

Leave a comment Subscribing to the Magazine Niche, as you could imply through the name, is one of the most trafficked magazine subscription retailers on the web with over 1,500 titles listed throughout the site, offered at the lowest price allowed by publishers. Now, before you back out and say “but the print industry is dying”, we’d like to give you a glimpse at what’s in store for you if you choose to tackle this niche through the affiliate program. Here, take a look … The Overview offers, as noted, over 1,500 titles which include some of the most recognizable subscriptions including Maxim, Men’s … Continue reading

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The Office Product and Mailing Niche: Make Businesses Work For YOU

Quick: What are some of the items sitting around your desk? These products (staplers, mailers, tape, and more) had to come from somewhere and there’s no shortage to the amount that these products are being purchased considering that they’ve become required for businesses to operate. Now, what if you could become that middle-man (affiliate) between the companies providing these items and the businesses that have a constant request for them? Sounds profitable, right? Assessing the Office Product and Mailing Niche There are many big questions you should try to understand before tackling this market, including: When’s the proper time to … Continue reading

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FedEx Office: Logging Commissions with Logistics and Locations

FedEx, one of the world’s most recognized brands, has well over 1,800 locations digitally connected throughout the world which places you in prime position for the promotion of customized solutions in large format printing, direct mail, binding, posters, banners, business cards, and much more. In this short review, we’ll be taking a look into the affiliate program offered through FedEx Office. FedEx Office: The Overview FedEx Office, for those of you that don’t know, is the now branded business in place of Kinkos, a well-trusted brand for on-demand printing and services. Despite its new name, FedEx Office provides the same … Continue reading

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Ski and Snowboarding: Big Air, Big Commissions!

The ski and snowboarding niche is a growing market dominated by amateurs and enthusiasts alike. In this overview, we’ll be giving you a glimpse into the industry and what you can expect if you find yourself promoting ski and snowboarding items, packages, and education. Making the Most of the Snow Season The market for ski and snowboards greatly varies depending on location and season so it’s always a great idea to have an understanding of the industry prior your entry. Here are some of the common questions you may have – answered: When’s the best time to promote? Realistically, during … Continue reading

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