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Top 10 Reasons Why Being an Affiliate is the Coolest Job

Ah, the life of an affiliate marketer. There are days when you’re putting in the full grind while others give you access to ultimate relaxation. We wanted to highlight what we believe are the top ten reasons why being an affiliate marketing is definitely the coolest job in the world. #1: Set Your Time Blah, the 9-to-5 is a quick and easy way to an early grave due to stress. With affiliate marketing, you get to choose your own hours so if you’re a morning person – you’ll have the rest of the day off from work; likewise, night-time people … Continue reading


Hips & Curves Program Review

Hips & Curves is an online retailer specializing in plus-size lingerie, intimate apparel, and other fashionable items for customers that feel comfortable in their bodies. The market for plus-size clothing, especially being fashionable and tantalizing, is growing at a rapid rate; Hips & Curves is one of the major players in the market. The website offers a wide range of fashion and designs which cannot be found elsewhere on the web which allows the site to carve out a niche and command premium pricing. This means BIG commissions for affiliate marketers. Racy Designs and Plus-Size Commissions For years, plus-size women … Continue reading

Leave a comment Proving Print Ain’t Dead has been in business since 1998 and offers one of the largest selections of subscription-based periodicals (i.e. magazines, specialty trade press, and a new push toward digital publications). Though we’ve seen a monumental shift toward digital media, subscription magazines and papers still command an incredible market and offer you a great opportunity for affiliate commissions. The Magazine Market and You The market for magazines has climbed over seven billion dollars a year; one in four households has at least one magazine subscription. What are they paying? The average, premium magazine subscription costs $23 which means a 40% (base) commission … Continue reading

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How To Profit From Major Events

The Olympics, a sudden celebrity breakup, industry events run amok, just a few of the major events that can snag the public’s attention and earn you additional revenue. People love a good, juicy story. Tabloid magazines are some of the most widely read around the world because people want to hear the gossip – even if it does seem like trash. Major events become a great source of bonus revenue if you latch onto the wave at the right time with the right kind of message. Consider the following … A celeb has a new look. Fashion, health, and beauty … Continue reading

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SEOMoz Pro Review

SEOMoz Pro is a specialized set of SEO and social media tools aimed at the professional website/business owner that needs to improve their search rankings and social media influence. There are quite a few tools like SEOMoz Pro vying for your attention so we’re taking a look at what makes this suit unique and whether it’s worth your hard earned money in this review. SEOMoz Pro: The Features What makes SEOMoz Pro so special that it comes recommended by such brands as The Home Depot,, FedEx, Firefox, and many others? A full suite of SEO Tools, including: Open Site … Continue reading

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PageOne Curator Review

With an increasing need for fresh, quality content to combat Google SEO algorithm changes such as Panda and Penguin, it’s becoming difficult for website owners to keep up with the demand. There have been dozens of tools that grace the affiliate marketing universe throughout the years from content spinners to autoblogging software but these merely laid a bandage over the inherent problems. The three problems, in question, are: Creating worthwhile content Landing good rankings in Google Increasing website traffic Now there’s a new tool that aims to “un-market” the marketing aspect of content creation: PageOne Curator. What is PageOne Curator? … Continue reading

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Tips for Marketing to the Weight Loss Demographic

It seems all too common that affiliate marketers in the weight loss niche place their entire focus centered around programs that aim to shed the pounds which is certainly a major element of weight loss but a great deal of individuals aiming to lose weight is centric around a healthy lifestyle. Remember this: There are those that want to look healthy There are those that want to be healthy There are those that want a balance of both Society has placed a great deal of stress on our personal image which explains why there are many individuals that participate in … Continue reading

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WooThemes Review

WooThemes is a premium WordPress theme marketplace offering nearly one hundred beautiful, flexible designs that come packed with incredible features and topped with a thriving community and active customer support. Today, we’re sizing up WooThemes with a review. As someone who’s bought a handful of themes from the network, I believe I’ll be able to best give you an idea of what you’re in for when purchasing your WordPress themes from the marketplace. WooThemes: The Details WooThemes has expanded beyond a WordPress theme marketplace with its push into a full-fledged design offering from eCommerce to enhancing the basic WordPress installation. … Continue reading

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How Startups Can Revolutionize Affiliate Programs

Startups are formed by some of the brightest individuals in all kinds of industries. Each day, it seems like there is a hot, new company on the books. However, look back at many of these companies in just a few months’ time and you see that the doors of business are closed. What goes wrong? Cash flow. Many startups never reach a point of profitability despite having a great product and initial momentum. What can help? Affiliate marketing. Synergy in Startups and Affiliate Marketing What’s the best way startups can use affiliate programs? What about how they can influence and … Continue reading

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How To Research Affiliate Niches

The selection of your affiliate niche has a great deal of potential riding on the line. Choice in the wrong niche will send you down a path of regret and disappointment as it’s revealed that the potential is absent. The flip side? The right niche creates unlimited opportunity to earn a respectable online income. This article deals with the later – the process of researching and finding the right affiliate niche for your online projects. Let’s get started, shall we? Finding an Affiliate Niche (the Smart Way) The process of finding a niche comes down to a few key points: … Continue reading

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