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Secret Traffic Sources: Where To Find Them

What makes a worthwhile traffic source? Is it whether it’s the easy to tap? If it’s unknown and free from noise? What if it was a secret all together? Well, as anyone can attest, it’s virtually impossible to keep a secret these days which is why we’re blowing the cover on several relatively untapped methods of traffic generation that not only have a TON of potential for explosive returns but haven’t been obliterated with spam. Here’s what we’ve found … Social Transactions Take your existing product (or build one) but sell it for a social mention than monetary gain. PayWithATweet … Continue reading

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Is Digg Dead?

Digg, the explosive startup by Kevin Rose that pioneered social bookmarking, may have finally put the nail in their coffin. Just a month ago, Betaworks bought Digg for $500,000, a fire sale on a company that was once valued well over $200 million but took a turn for the worse after their version 4 update which had major parts of the community jumping ship to websites like Reddit. Betaworks immediately got to action, coding a new design for Digg in just under six weeks which has just been revealed. Though sleek in design, the new Digg feels far more like … Continue reading

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The Affiliate Marketing Funnel: How It Works

You’ve entered a store, money in pocket, an innate itch that you need to make a purchase. You mosey down the aisles, you look at the product packaging, you read a review, and find what you’re looking for. You walk up to the cashier, make the purchase, and the sale is done. What I’ve described is universal: the sales process. The example I shared may have projected a physical location but the experience is shared online. Particularly, the affiliate marketing funnel takes the traditional sales funnel and pumps it with steroids, opens the spout, and creates a everlasting flow of … Continue reading

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Facebook Limiting for the Affiliate Audience

The typical “egg on ones’ face” is being cleared away from Facebook as of late after a recent Facebook post by Limited Run has stated that 80% of their Facebook ad click through had been coming from bots. The page in question, Limited Pressing, which provides digital sales to independent artists began to notice low quality traffic coming through their Facebook advertising. After conducting various tests through different analytical tools (including their own), they noticed most users had JavaScript blocked which makes it nearly impossible to corroborate the validity of the clicks. From their own words: “Bots were loading pages … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About SociBuzz

SociBuzz is a new social media marketing platform that aims to bridge the gap between publishers and advertisers using the social web, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many more networks, without “getting in the way” between the campaigns. A New Approach to SMM The idea of SociBuzz has been done before with other social media marketing platforms such as SponsoredTweets. What makes this network truly unique is the overall goal of delivering the best results for their advertisers while giving the publishers a greater cut (compared to other networks). At the time of this writing, the publisher account has … Continue reading

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Best Ways to Redirect Traffic to Your Website

Ever find yourself at a dead end online? The 404 error page is the last thing you want your visitors to find when browsing your website because it makes them back out and generally ends with them leaving your website completely. Now imagine if those people were eager leads, ready to buy. There are a few different reasons why you’d hit a dead end: The page no longer exists The link structure has been modified A user misspelled the link after manually entering The entire website has moved to a new domain It’s important that people find the correct page … Continue reading

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Women in Affiliate Marketing: The Stats

The Internet, and especially affiliate marketing, has always been seen a male dominated business. It’s true that the male demographic represents a lion’s share of web users but this has begun to take a momentous shift toward the other gender, females. In affiliate marketing, as surveyed by Affiliate Summit as an Affstat Report, female employees, business owners, and affiliate marketers have begun to take center stage. In this article, we’ll be breaking down the figures and answering the big question: “what does this mean?” for the world of business and affiliate marketing. An Overview Look at the Stats A glance … Continue reading

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Wacky Subject Lines That Worked

The rock blocking your proverbial “path” of email open rates comes down to the email subject lines. Previously, we’ve talked about crafting great subject lines but the tone was in all seriousness but what about the quick one-offs that not only gave the reader a chuckle or sparked curiosity but worked? Here is our list of the 25 wackiest, silliest, and effective subject lines in email marketing: Uncle MoFo and the Maharishi (strange but true) YAY! (latent insanity for fun and profit …) BREAKING NEWS (I’m totally hooking you up) Peckerheads (and how NOT to be one (embarrassing video) Reese … Continue reading

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Google’s Free Classes Review

Google has recently rolled out a set of free courses dedicated to helping individuals understand effective web search. At the time of this writing, the search course is at its half-way point; what does this mean for the average affiliate marketer? We put it into review … Why Teach about Search? Google is no longer the simple search engine that grew with the web but a massive set of tools anywhere from maps to social. The larger Google gets, the more difficulties people have with using their platform which is the reason for this new, free course dedicated to aiding … Continue reading

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How To Work While Your Site Is Under Construction

The speed at which you launch your affiliate business matters considering the stiff competition and the rapid changes sweeping the web. Starting work today, rather than waiting for all the pieces to come together, can give you a great edge and entrance into your market. In the following parts, you’ll learn some of the items you can begin working on, while your website is under construction. Get Out and Network Right away, you should be getting your name out to the major players in your market. Networking is an essential factor for overall growth in affiliate marketing so begin forming … Continue reading

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