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How To Market Yourself In Online Communities

Affiliate marketing is a remarkable source of online (sometimes, secondary) income. The most remarkable aspect is that you don’t even need a website to begin earning money online. As a follow up, we’re taking a look at some amazing methods people have found to build an audience and income source. Totally Tumblr Tumblr is a free blogging tool that has seen explosive growth within the last year. Despite its humble beginnings, Tumblr is now a major source of original content and flourishing communities.   One great, silly example of how quickly a Tumblr blog can explode is Text From My … Continue reading

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Merchants That Make the Most from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has a great draw to individuals wanting to earn an online income. For most, affiliate marketing is a secondary source of revenue but many individuals, and businesses, have taken their usage of affiliate marketing to a whole new level by turning it into their main earnings. In this article, you’ll be learning about the merchants that have effectively put affiliate marketing into use within their business model. Three Great Examples Many businesses start out with a product or build a brand through content. Over time, the affiliate earnings become more lucrative. Here are three great examples of affiliate … Continue reading

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Success Stories of Affiliates Who Have Sold Information Products Online

One of the best ways to learn the world of affiliate marketing and infoproduct creation is by taking a glimpse into the success stories of others. In the following, you’ll be getting that glimpse from eight individuals that have absolutely rocked it through distilling and selling their knowledge. Pat Flynn (SmartPassiveIncome) Pat Flynn is a quintessential example of what’s possible when you sell information products online. In 2007, Pat was laid off from his job but this didn’t let him down as he leaped full-force into carving a niche online with his first information product called the Green Exam Academy … Continue reading

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What Am I Doing Wrong? Tips For Evaluating Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Many individuals are having trouble understanding what’s not working with their online business; it’s a common question that requires a complex answer. The reality: there are many factors that come into play when measuring the success of your business. In the following sections, you’ll learn a variety of ways to gain insight about the underperforming areas and a few suggestions to make the most with what you have. You Haven’t Started Well, in a sense you have but you haven’t set aside enough time to your online work. You may still be holding down your 9-to-5 job and want a … Continue reading

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$1,000 On Marketing Spend: SEO or PPC?

Your online business may be at a point where you’re ready to invest in its sales and longevity. The only problem is that you’re not quite sure whether to set your budget on SEO or PPC. Let’s take a look at what each brings to the table … The Long-Term Benefits of SEO Search Engine Optimization is a long-term process for improving your search rankings but provides long-term benefits. Optimized websites that appear at the top of search results will deliver a greater volume of leads as your listing sticks. Utilizing long-tail keywords ensures that even the most minute page … Continue reading

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Can I Join Several Networks?

There are thousands of affiliate marketplaces and a greater number of individual programs to choose from as you make your way into affiliate marketing. The sheer number can drive you mad but also poses a great opportunity to diversify your income sources. We take a look at the pros and cons of joining multiple networks and reveal what you may not have realized when doing so. The Pros It’s always a good decision to diversify your income sources when it comes to business. Here are some of the main items to consider when joining multiple networks: Diversity – As noted, … Continue reading

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How To Get Affiliate Income Through Apps

The adoption of the mobile web and applications has exploded within the last year; from it, there have been many success stories from app developers but what if you’re not the type to write code? Is there still money in the app market if you’re an affiliate marketer? Certainly … In a post about affiliate marketing through apps, Carter, the author of the post, revealed a system to monetize apps and the mobile web as a viable form of revenue. Taking a deeper look into the push toward mobile, we’d like to share a few different ways to capitalize on … Continue reading

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Google Panda vs. Penguin: What’s the Difference?

You may be at a point, in your affiliate marketing venture, where you’re getting up to speed on the world of Search Engine Optimization. Behind you, there is nearly two decades of SEO knowledge which makes the task hard enough to understand it all (let alone the constant updates that come around every corner). Don’t feel overwhelmed, we’ve got you covered. The two largest updates that rocked the world of SEO has been the Google Panda and Penguin updates. The following will give you a breakdown of the effects of each and what it means for your progression into applying … Continue reading

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Sparking the American Dream through Affiliate Marketing

The American Dream has always been a sacred idea for those living in the United States but morale is waning in these troubled times. Were we meant to wait in traffic, sit at a cubicle, and come home tired or are we truly meant to live the lives we want, whenever we want? The “dream” may seem like a long shot for many but there is a new light to guide us. The world of affiliate marketing has given any individual with enough time and energy to create a secondary income which frees them from the restraint of the 9-to-5; … Continue reading

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How To Accelerate Your Sales

There comes a point where your sales feel stagnant or that they just don’t seem to perform as well as you’ve hoped. It happens but it isn’t forever. In fact, this is the perfect moment in time to try out new experiments to accelerate your sales and push through to a higher income bracket. Here are a few real-world examples of businesses boosting their income: Method #1: Leverage Affiliate Income with your Paid Product Trent Dyrsmid had already created a great source of income through his niche websites. His work helped build his bran and credibility as he blogged about … Continue reading

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