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Write Better Email Subject Lines

Our first reaction when receiving an email is to hit delete. Don’t deny it because we all value our time and if the email isn’t what we expected (or from someone we know) than it’s getting tossed out. Your habit for email is shared by your followers and customers. Sure, they said they want to listen to your message but it doesn’t stop them from ignoring it. Let’s change that with through one major element: the email subject line. Here’s how to make them pop … The “Timely” Information needs to be relevant to the individual at the right time … Continue reading

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Affiliate’s Guide to Social Media

Social media provides a unique opportunity for affiliate marketers because there is a low overhead (free!) when using the tools and you’re able to find the exact type of individual that wants to hear your offer. Combining the two, social media and affiliate marketing, opens a new platform to build your brand and business without doing an inordinate amount of work. Why Does Social Media Matter? You may have, at some point, given social media a shot but found that the majority of your conversations weren’t all that relevant. Likewise, you may simply feel that social media is a waste … Continue reading

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Basics of Lead Generation

Leads are the fuel that keeps your business booming. Lead generation, the process of obtaining your leads, requires you to take on many roles which can often be troubling for some. The following is a breakdown of the entire process; understand these basics and you’ll develop a highly valuable skill. What is Lead Generation? Lead generation is simply this: getting people interested in your offer. What you do with the lead, after they’ve discovered your offer, is entirely up to you and your business model. Some people build email lists, others drive home the sale. There are many different ways … Continue reading

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Optimize Your Site for PPC

Generally, websites use pay-per-click advertising after the website and copy has been created which is kind of like putting the cart before the horse. Perhaps the better way to is to think ahead and optimize your website for PPC before ever touching a single element of the site. Interesting concept, right? Here’s how it can get done … Web Copy Reflects Ad Copy. Flip around the concept of creating your website copy, then advertising, and focus on spending time developing your marketing pitch for the products and services you promote so that your web copy directly reflects your marketing message … Continue reading

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How To Use Meta Tags & Headlines

Behind the scenes, in the actual coding of your website, are two elements that ensure that your web pages get found; these two items are the Meta tags and headlines. If you learn anything from this article, it’ll be this: The Meta description displays the text underneath the title in search engine results The headline is used to hook individuals into reading your content, and also appears in results The use of Meta tags has seen their demise over the years of search engine optimization. In older days, the ‘keywords’ Meta tag was in heavy rotation and became one of … Continue reading

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The Art of the Long Tail Keyword

Chris Anderson popularized the idea of the long tail keyword with his eye opening article in Wired entitled The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More. The overall concept isn’t difficult to wrap your head around; it’s really this idea that the vast majority of searches (and sales) aren’t highly focused on the “big” win keywords such as “shoes” but, in reality, specific selections within each industry, such as “Men’s Blue Nike Running Shoes, Size 6”. The Long Tail Matters Search engine and social media users, over time, have become educated about effective search strategies. … Continue reading

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5 Things To Know About B2B Marketing

Marketing your business toward other businesses takes on an entirely different set of rules and practices for effective networking, relationships, and, hopefully, sales. If you chose the alternative route in your business, here’s what you should know: Know the Players. Business owners are required to put out a lot of information which is your gain when it comes to knowing the individuals you’ll be doing business with. Use legal forms, taxes, business registration documents, and profiles to learn as much about your potential clients so you can create greater connections. Go Logic. Customers buy on emotion, business owners buy on … Continue reading

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Traffic Driving Techniques to Avoid

There are thousands of offers to “melt your server with traffic” through the use of not-so-ethical traffic generation methods. You may not want to believe it but the money you sink on “traffic secrets” isn’t all that cracked up to be (and could be harming your website’s viability for the future). The following are a list of the traffic driving techniques we urge you to avoid: Lead Generation Software. There are many “programs” and “services” that promise to deliver you a massive influx of leads to your business but you can never truly trust these offerings because much of those … Continue reading

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Understanding Mass Desire Offers vs. Niche Markets

The big bucks are in the big markets but there’s still incredible potential, for earnings, when you niche down and capture a smaller segment. What we’re dealing with here is the difference between mass desires vs. niche interests; both can be profitable but both carry a different kind of competition, community, and approach. Mass Desire “Mass desire” interests and industries are those that everyone has some kind of attunement; these items can be anything from wanting to go on a diet to celebrity gossip and more. Generally speaking, what you see in the mainstream market is mass desire. There’s a … Continue reading

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Super Affiliate Q&A

There are many different types of people that call themselves affiliate marketers but only a select few has what it takes to turn their work into not just a full-time income but head-turning practices that sets them above the rest, which we call: super affiliates. We interviewed a few of these super affiliates and pried as much information as we could that you can use in your own affiliate marketing. Steve Scott says … Q1: What has been the most substantial action you’ve taken to get where you are today? Build an email list.  There is a reason why many … Continue reading

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