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5 Landing Page Mistakes That Decrease Conversions

Do you ever think that your affiliate business could be performing better but you’ve already dumped tons of time into the thing and can’t figure out why it’s not doing as well as you hoped? No worries because the best part of running an affiliate business, online, is that everything can be changed in a very short amount of time yet have substantial impact on your revenue. The item we’ll be examining is the landing page, the page that brings in the bacon and the elements of this page that could be going wrong which explains the low conversions. Here’s … Continue reading

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How To Survey Your Website Users

When asked, most business owners will say that the number one reason their business is in shambles is because the customer doesn’t understand their products. However, it’s not the customers fault; it’s actually the business owner because they didn’t listen to what their market demanded. You can’t immediately assume that your affiliate offers will be well accepted by your visitors; it’s a fools hope to throw something at the wall and hope that it sticks. For this reason, surveys should readily be used in your affiliate business to ensure you’re not spinning your wheels and that you’re making smart, logical … Continue reading

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Basics of Mobile Marketing for Affiliates

Mobile marketing is going to change the world and has already begun to see its adoption across a wide range of industries. However, this form of marketing is still relatively untapped and only time will tell before we see large scale campaigns come into fruition through the platform. With that being said, you will find yourself in the world of mobile marketing in due time because cell phone adoption is stronger than ever; you now have an incredible opportunity to send your marketing messages directly to the eyes and ears of your desired customer without the hurdle of having them … Continue reading

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How To Negotiate with Affiliate Networks

The art of negotiation is a skill learned over due time through experience and repetition. However, there’s always a starting point with any skill and that’s what we’ll be looking at, today, with this article; specifically, the how to properly negotiate with your affiliate network to get the best deals, offers, and payouts to make it worth your while. Understanding the “Game” Negotiation is a process of give and take but there needs to be an exchange of equal value between both parties in order for the negotiations to be successful. A few items you’ll want to strive for, when … Continue reading

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Affiliate Offers That Never Fail

The sheer amount of affiliate offers is mind-boggling to the point that you may feel stuck in making a decision. New and old affiliate marketers have this very same dilemma especially since there are hundreds of new offers added every day. What can you do to cut through the chatter and ensure that your foray into affiliate marketing hits the ground running? Easy, you start with offers that never fail. Dating. Love is in the air, everywhere. People want to improve their love life because no one wants to be lonely but the problem is overcoming the anxiety of finding … Continue reading

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How To Use Facebook to Build Your Email List

Facebook commands the lion’s share of social media users. Siphoning just a fraction of Facebook users into your email list can create an immense opportunity for building up your affiliate business. We take a look at some of the strategies for using Facebook for lead and list building. Brand & Website Awareness First and foremost, Facebook is the tool for building brand and website awareness. Facebook gives you many features for these two items whether you employ a fan page, manually find friends, promote your posts, or advertise. Once you have people interested in your brand, they’re likely to discover … Continue reading

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The 50 Most Useful Websites for Affiliate Marketers

You’re not alone in the world of affiliate marketing. Education is the key to staying relevant, making great business decisions, and finding new opportunities. Open your mind and explore what’s out there with our list of the fifty most useful websites for you, the affiliate marketer: Website Portals/Forums – A collection of updates and new blog posts from some of the most widely respected individuals in affiliate marketing. (SEM) – A wide selection of websites that offer great information about search engine marketing which, as you know, goes hand in hand with affiliate marketing. WarriorForum – It has … Continue reading

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Create Email Conversions

You wouldn’t want to put all of your time and resources into filling out a great email autoresponder and building a list lead magnet for nothing, would you? The other part of the equation you may be neglecting is creating the conversions which builds the list; the entry point for your subscribers and, eventually, the gateway to a new revenue stream. The following is a collection of tips for cultivating a sound strategy for email list conversions: Email Formats that Work Build off what works, that’s what I always say. It’s better to use proven delivery methods that are profitable … Continue reading

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How To Turn Email Leads into Buyers

People generally drop the ball when it comes to converting their email list into real buyers because they’re too afraid to push the sale, burnt their list, or haven’t devised a workable strategy to reach their end goals. Instead of a hodge-podge of email marketing tricks, I want to share a concise process for turning email leads into buyers that you can implement into your email marketing campaign this afternoon. Step 1: Plan the Progression All great sales campaigns begin with a strategy and email marketing is no different. To begin, you’ll want to plan out and “arc” that takes … Continue reading

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Understanding What Bad Affiliate Offers Look Like

Imagine you’ve just walked into a party and you see someone that knocks the wind out of your breath. They’ve got everything you’re looking for. You mosey over, kick up a conversation, and soon find the both of you hitting it off. Unfortunately, what you didn’t realize is that this person has a load of baggage and psychotic personality so troubling that there’s no other choice but to bail. I know, a bit strange for an opener but in business we have these relationships all the time. We see something flashy we want to promote but the deal turns into … Continue reading

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