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Forum Marketing Tips and Tricks

Despite the fact that you may not use ‘em, forums are far from being “dead”. On the contrary, the forums that have ‘survived’ the large push toward social networks are stronger than ever and should be seen with high regard for their sheer size. Like any good marketer, you’ll want to diversify your link and brand portfolio; forums are the perfect platform for doing both. Here’s how to make it worth your while … First and foremost, always treat forums with respect because these communities have often been around for many years. The community members are die-hard fans of the … Continue reading

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How to Recover from Google Penguin

Google’s last ‘Penguin’ update has laid down the hammer on many websites; even the major players within a niche have found their traffic to take a dip. There’s no going back to the “good old days” so there’s only moving forward; if you’ve been affected by the Penguin update than you’ll want to implement a few of these tweaks to get back on top again. Perform a Site Audit. Take a look through your website and find the “bad pages” that may be harming your search ranking; either remove or update these pages. Likewise, dig through your link profile and … Continue reading

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Guide to Getting Started with Email Marketing

Time and time again, you’ve heard the expression: “The money is in the list”. This expression represents the thought that no matter what happens to your website, whether it gets the dreaded ‘Google Slap’ or falls under the attack of hackers, you’ll keep access to your community. The list can take a life of its own; there are many different uses for it which will be explained, in detail, throughout this guide. In the meantime, keep the thought that owning a list creates a brand new revenue stream for your affiliate marketing and builds an uninterruptable platform to reach your … Continue reading

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The Evils of Duplicate Content

A war is brewing between content producers, website owners, and online business owners. Content marketing has become one of the main, driving elements of building great rankings and a brand online but there are risks of where and when to publish content. This article will examine the hot debate of duplicate content and the best practices to avoid slipping into the ‘dark side’ of republishing stale content. What is Duplicate Content? There is a lot of confusion about the phrase “duplicate content” because there’s so much misinformation and speculation on the part of website owners, search engine experts, and the … Continue reading

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What You Need To Know About Baidu

Baidu is the Google of China, commanding an unprecedented 63% of the search engine market share with over 4 billion searches in Q4 of 2011. Before you get excited on the prospect of marketing through Baidu, there is a lot to understand about this major search engine overseas: What is Baidu, Should I Care? Baidu was founded in 2000 and has since become the major search engine within China. Their search index has grown to more than 700 million websites while their internal network which uses the Baidu Union partner platform (think: Google Adsense) has grown to more than 230,000. … Continue reading

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Best Ways To Discover What Consumers Are Looking For

Have you ever wanted to get into the mind of the consumer to know exactly what products or services they need and plan to buy? Consider that if you did know this, you’d be able to put that item right in their faces and instantly make the sale with little to no resistance. Consumer research is an element of business that very few individuals divulge enough time to accurately implement in their own; this article will explore a variety of options and tips for finding what consumers are looking for … Understanding the Consumer There are multiple factors which determine … Continue reading


Microsoft Launches So.Cl: Should Anyone Care?

To everyone’s surprise, Microsoft has just launched themselves into the social media game with their recent release of Yup, another social network(?) on the loose but does it really matter at this point in time? We explore some of the features and potential of this new social network and weight into whether it’s worth your time. Wait … Microsoft So.Cl? As of now, So.Cl has a waiting list for new members which can be created through your Facebook or Microsoft Live account login. So.Cl seems to aim to be less of an all-encompassing network in place of a social … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Boost Your PPC Account

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to instantly send loads of traffic to your website. However, many affiliate marketers are leaving a lot of money on the table with their misuse of the platform. Here are five ways to get the most from PPC: #1: Define Your Goals Your goals will aid in forming an accurate strategy of logical steps toward accomplishing what you want from running a PPC campaign. Set daily, weekly, and monthly tasks which progress you toward your goal and set milestones to track and reinforce great work habits. Your goals may also include a sales level, … Continue reading

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Why People Don’t Click Facebook Ads

The recent launch of the Facebook IPO has set the stock world ablaze but I’m wondering what’s going to happen to Facebook now that its been revealed that a reported 75% of users don’t click ads. In the mentioned post, there are two numbers thrown around: 44% of users have never clicked an ad 31% rarely click ads When you consider that Facebook’s entire business model is based on advertising – it becomes apparently clear that the social platform could be in for a rocky future especially since major brands, such as GM, has begun to pull their advertising – … Continue reading


Understanding Google Trends

Google Trends (and its expansion, Google Insights) is an amazing tool at understanding the interests and passions of web users; it’s also amazing at discovering a bit about yourself. In affiliate marketing, understanding the interests of you and your visitors can have significant gains in your earnings and building a remarkable brand. Here are a few ways to properly use the tool: Getting to know your audience The Insights tool (part of Google Trends) is a near perfect tool for understanding what your community finds interesting, what they’re buying, and what products have the potential for future promotion. Plug in … Continue reading

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