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Google Penguin: What You Need to Know

The Google Penguin update has proved to be one of the largest shifts in Google search results in recent years; as a result, many small (and large) websites have found their rankings fluctuate for the good (and the bad) with far too many questions left unanswered as to how and why it happened. As a beginner affiliate, you may be dissuaded from working on your online projects because of the gloom and doom that the Penguin update has seem to have beseeched upon affiliate marketers. Don’t get too discouraged. There is certainly a new approach you’ll need to bring to … Continue reading

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PPC Tools To Boost Your Efforts

Unless you’re a certified Google Adwords professional or a wizard at crafting and implementing PPC (Pay-Per-Click) strategies than you most likely outsource or have an in-house employee working solely on your marketing campaigns. Business owners already have enough on their plate between the daily tasks of managing the business let alone landing new leads and sales. The following are a few PPC tools I’ve discovered to greatly reduce the stress and anguish of trying to figure out (and implement) PPC campaigns for your business. Clickable Clickable aims to be an all-in-one solution to PPC advertising for small and large businesses. … Continue reading

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Discover How eBooks Can Help You Collect Real Earnings

eBooks are a fabulous way to earn additional income in your affiliate marketing business and/or be used to build a list when shared as a freebie. The process of creating eBooks isn’t entirely difficult but, either way, we’ve put together a complete rundown on how you can easily piece together one: To begin, try compiling your existing work that’s used on your website. Many people don’t have time to spend hours digging through your website content and need a refined source of information – this is what your ebook can facilitate. In essence, you’re republishing your best-of work into a … Continue reading

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The Official SEO Checklist for New Affiliates

Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing field of theory but there many elements of a website that hold true no matter where the search engines take you. The following is an essential checklist of SEO factors you must employ as a new affiliate. Groundwork First and foremost, do your keyword research as thorough as possible to obtain the greatest rewards for your efforts of applying SEO in attempt to gain higher rankings and search traffic. Your main (and secondary) keywords (short or long-tail) will ultimately determine the quality and quantity of your website traffic and potential earnings so don’t skip … Continue reading


Affiliate Taxes: The State by State Breakdown

One of the greatest benefits of operating an affiliate business or eCommerce shop is the ability to earn an income without oppressive sales tax imposed on brick & mortar businesses. However, in lieu of recent changes by the U.S. and state government, we’re now seeing a dwindling of states that let online income get a pass when it comes to taxes. The following is a breakdown of the current bills and laws that comprise the taxation on affiliate income along with the states affected (and some still clinging without them enforced). The Bills that Matter The first major bill to … Continue reading

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What You Need To Know About Klout

The wide world of social media has given us hundreds of platforms to reach our target audience and build a community but one glaring problem, from the beginning, has been whether we’ve truly made an impact on our followers since most social media platforms don’t have built in tools to measure our involvement with others. Klout has changed everything. We now have access and understanding about our participation with our favorite social media services and something new to achieve: a high Klout score. What is Klout? Klout is a “middle man” service that collects that data between multiple social media … Continue reading

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Understanding Email Open Rates

Email marketing is about as essential, these days, as running a business website. However, many affiliate marketers become discouraged from their low performing lists yet don’t realize that the majority of fault lands upon the email subject line (what ultimately makes a reader open the email). Let’s use this time to take a look into the element of email open rates, how it affects your email marketing strategy, and a few ways to improve your numbers. Why are my open rates so low? There’s a lot going into play whether someone will open your email: It may have come at … Continue reading

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How to Research, Understand, and Promote an Affiliate Offer

There are many tools, resources, and software which give you an inside glimpse into which ads are actually performing in a real world environment which all can be used when you too plan to promote an affiliate offer. Throughout this article, you’ll learn the underlying process that goes into the research and development of choosing a great offer to promote – but not with guess work – with cold, hard data. The R&D of Affiliate Marketing: Demystified Taking the guess work out of the research and development of promoting an affiliate offer will ultimately save you a great deal of … Continue reading

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What It Will Cost To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business

The web has allowed anyone with a passion to bridge their skills to the market and start their own business; this has given the rise of the affiliate marketing business, as well. Unlike business in years past, it’s inexpensive to launch everything you need to start and operate a successful venture. The following is a breakdown of what your likely expenses will be when you’re in the startup phase. Domain Name (~$10/year) The domain name is a yearly, recurring charge that will run you as low as $10 though you may find yourself purchasing a premium domain, initially, at a … Continue reading

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Keyword Research & Analyzing SEO Competition

“Discipline means organization, chain of command, and logistics” a classic line from The Art of War by Sun Tzu which resonates across all forms of business – especially in the affiliate marketing world. Your success is not only starts when you land the first sale but during the very early stages of keyword research and competitor analysis. The following is going to give you the insider’s edge on the competition for your affiliate business. Keyword Research: The Affiliate Way Your best friend will be Google’s Keyword Tool because it gives you the proper (hard data) insights about what your industry … Continue reading

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