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How To Choose Your Affiliate Site Topics

Where would all the great businesses, of today, be if it didn’t start with a great idea? The initial choice for your affiliate business has greater impact than you may ever truly know but you can conclude one thing before we begin: it will ultimately decide how much you’ll earn. In this next section, I’ll be sharing a variety of steps and suggestions for choosing the right affiliate site topic to ensure you start with the right, profitable idea. The Semi-Obvious Guide to Choosing Affiliate Site Topics First, start with what you know because the easiest bridge to starting an … Continue reading

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10 Headlines to Boost Your Opt-In Rates

We all talk about the importance of traffic but let’s get to what really matters: conversions. Before the conversion, you need to have users opt-in to your message. These next ten headlines are the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to getting subscribers: “By the numbers” – Use your numbers by displaying them (such as subscriber count or earnings) right in the headline; people can’t resist being a part of a big community or following someone that is successful. “The emotional appeal” – Play into the emotions of your visitors; hit the bullet points and headlines that answer their deepest problems and … Continue reading

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6 Elements Every Landing Page Must Have

A landing page is a unique blend of design, copywriting, and perceived value which is extremely beneficial in affiliate marketing because one particular use: it’s amazing at converting visitors into customers. However, there are many elements that comprise a landing page; each build upon the next. The following is the bare minimum, six elements that every page should include: A Great Design The landing page needs to attract the attention of the visitor the moment the land on the page. Landing page builders like DIYThemes have an incredible selection of high quality landing page designs but can also be the … Continue reading

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5 Easy Ways to Create Content

You probably don’t need to be told this but content is the key to long-term success with the web; content is the sole reason why people visit your website in the first place. But what happens when you’re getting behind on work and need to push out something new to your audience? In the following section, you’ll learn about a multitude of easy ways to get new content to your website by barely lifting a finger: Get the users involved. Try getting your website users into the fold by allowing them to submit questions, guest posts, or other forms of … Continue reading

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Intro to FluxAds

FluxAds is an affiliate marketing network, established in 2004, with hundreds of offers across all major industries. Let’s take a look at whether this network is right for your affiliate marketing business. The What and Why of FluxAds You’re probably saying “why should I join another network when I already have the one I use?” As you could expect, you never want to have your affiliate earnings coming from a single source because you’ll want to ensure there will be no major setbacks if your existing network goes under. FluxAds has been around since 2004 and won’t be going away … Continue reading

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How to Write Kick-Ass Email Subject Lines

The subject line is the sole reason people open your email message since they have no other way of determining the subject’s value; for this reason, it’s vitally important that you not only create a subject line that gets read but one that kicks ass and gets the recipient excited for the information you’re about to release on them. In this article, you’ll learn the not-so-obvious methodologies to crafting the perfect, kick-ass subject line that gets clicks. The Anatomy (and Strategy) of Email Subject Lines People receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis. What makes you think they’ll open yours even … Continue reading

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Discover Niches With Google Trends

The web is in a constant flux of interests that has been hyper-ized due to the wide spread usage of the information platform. For the affiliate marketer, this means that new niche markets may spring up (and die) within a week’s time. It’s your ability to get (quickly) into the market that leads to truly incredible returns on your time investment. In the following section, I’ll be showing a visual step-by-step guide for using Google Trends to surf the waves of these trending markets and how to discover the hidden niches that are just emerging. Niche Research via Google Trends … Continue reading

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7 Tools Every Affiliate Marketer Needs

You no longer have the luxury of throwing up a simple website and calling it a day. Marketing online needs access to a wide range of tools and a (somewhat) affection for the web and its software. The following will get you up to speed about several tools that you should be using as an affiliate marketer. You may not have them now – but you’ll need them in the future. Your website. Yes, you can do affiliate marketing without a website but your own site truly does give you the greatest flexibility for building a long-term affiliate business because … Continue reading

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How To Appeal To Your Users’ Emotions

Human beings are an emotional animal that makes brash, quick decisions based on pleasure; logic often goes out of the windows during sales and community building in place of actions focused on “feeling” your business and its offerings. How to Appeal to your Users’ Emotions It’s impossible to relate to every individual that finds your website; it’s even harder to always appeal to a users’ emotions because of uncontrollable factors (which may also be your own). However, the emotional puzzle can be solved and doing so will give you a greater connection with website visitors and ultimately lead to a … Continue reading

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Get Started with SEO

The groundwork you lay in the early stages of your affiliate marketing business will set the stage its potential growth and revenue. Spending the extra time to solidify your plans and goals will ultimately save yourself time and resources. In this article, I’ll be sharing the hottest topic for getting the most from affiliate marketing: SEO strategy. Building the Foundation for an Unbeatable SEO Strategy Keep in mind that search engine optimization is a long-term process; only then take these actions: Set your Most Desired Goal. The purpose of SEO is to reach top rankings but go deeper into why … Continue reading

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