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10 Steps to Increase Website Credibility

Credibility builds trust. Trust creates followers. Followers become your buyers. The process for building credibility comes in two parts: who you are and what you show. In this article, I’ll be sharing the ten essential steps required to build greater website credibility. Building Website Credibility: The Ten Step Process If you haven’t, create an About Me page to share your story of how you began in your industry, your goals, and how you plan to help your readers. Add personal pictures throughout your website to give people a real person to connect with and relate the information you’re sharing. Cover … Continue reading

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How Squidoo Can Help You Get Started

Squidoo is a free web 2.0 publishing platform which can be utilized in affiliate marketing for many different gains such as link building, direct sales, community building, branding, and even become a secondary source of affiliate earnings. In this article, you’ll learn how you can use Squidoo to improve your affiliate marketing campaigns and gain an edge on your competition. Getting Started with Squidoo & Affiliate Marketing The relaxed rules of Squidoo, in comparison to other publishing platforms, gives you a great advantage in many aspects of online marketing, affiliate sales, and other items mentioned previously; here’s how to bring … Continue reading

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How To Write and Place Google Ads

The Google Advertising Network is one of the largest advertising platform on the web. Any usage of a Google product, whether it be the search engine, Android apps, or Google Maps, will display advertisements created by big and small advertisers. The reach of the Google Ad Network is your gain; its low price, simple-to-use interface, and diversity has the potential to drive immense amounts of traffic to your website. In this article, I’ll be sharing the very basics of writing and placing Google Ads. How to Create a Target Google Adwords Campaign The Google Advertising Network I’m talking about is … Continue reading

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How To Find Offers with Shareasale

ShareASale is one of the webs largest pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click programs that rivals most other affiliate networks yet brings its own offerings to the table that are well worth exploring. In this article, you’ll get the full introduction to the ShareASale platform and the incredible benefits it can bring to your affiliate marketing business. ShareASale: A Wonderful Platform for Affiliate Marketing ShareASale is an attractive affiliate marketplace built upon great business ethics and wonderful options for its affiliates including access to some of the largest brands, widgets, tracking, optimization, and resources. Without a doubt, ShareASale should become part of … Continue reading

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7 Alternative Online Marketing Methods

We’ve all heard the general drab about building backlinks, creating content, and using social media but if these items aren’t getting you to your traffic goals than what else is there to do? In this article, I’ll be sharing a variety of alternative online marketing methods that may teeter you beyond the “slump” and catapult you into a whole new level of website traffic. 7 Alternative Online Marketing Methods (You Need to Implement) In no particular order (yet all sharing the same incredible benefits): In-Depth Product Reviews. Don’t just pass off a short 600 word article as a product review. … Continue reading

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Offer Value to Your Customer for Maximum Results

You’ll spark with joy from large traffic spikes but immediately come back to Earth when you see you haven’t sold a thing. Why? Conversions is the key to a successful affiliate marketing campaign and business. The best possible strategy for increasing conversions, earning more money, and building a better business is by offering incredible value – this is how you do it: Know thy reader. Understand your reader – what they want, what they value, how they feel, where they’re going. Create and share content that touches a nerve within your community. Deliver exceptional value that’s specific to your readers … Continue reading

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Guide to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an all-in-one suite of website tracking and optimization tools provided, for free, by Google. Website tracking and optimization is the cornerstone of building a successful affiliate marketing business because it gives you the proper insight on how well your campaigns perform, if and when visitors take action, and logical methods to improve your conversions and sales. In this guide, I’ll be sharing how to get started with Google Analytics from the very beginning of setting up an account, all the way to optimization and beyond. How to Setup Google Analytics To begin, you’ll need access to a … Continue reading

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Affiliate Marketing Legal Issues

Your entry (or experience) with affiliate marketing may have been lush since the first day but there is a monster awaiting your presence if you’re not careful and look for the signs: legal issues. Affiliate marketing brings up many legal issues you may never have known about; some of which may utterly decimate your business (and livelihood). In this article, you’ll get up to speed about what you need to know to protect your brand and business from legal issues you may one day face. The Legal Rights of Affiliate Marketers I can’t give you certified legal consul (that’s the … Continue reading

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Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Digging through blog posts about affiliate marketing, you’ll generally hear one big mantra: get a website! In today’s article, we’re going to do something different – I’ll be sharing how to start an affiliate business WITHOUT a website. How to start an affiliate business (without the website) A website gives you the ultimate control over your online campaigns and flexibility when building an affiliate business but you don’t necessarily need to invest your time and resources into learning the setup and managing your website. In fact, there are many great options for earning affiliate commissions without the aid of a … Continue reading

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How To Understand What Your Target Market Wants

Have you truly ever sat down and pondered the question: “What do my customers want?” In this article, we’ll explore this question along with strategies for uncovering the deepest desires of the ones that keep your business running. Why the market matters Thousands of industries, millions of products, and billions of consumers is what you’re up against when you take the entrepreneur leap; a bad choice in the products you create (or promote) will lead to a disastrous venture. Knowing what your market wants reveals the following: The solutions to a consumers needs (aka: the product) How much consumers are … Continue reading

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