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Unbounce Landing Pages & How To Use Them

The landing page is one of the greatest assets of affiliate marketers; its usage can greatly improve your affiliate earnings. However, unless you’re a wiz at I.T. and web coding, you may have hit a snag when it comes to designing your website and landing pages. After all, your primary focus is to generate sales – not learn a new language. Enter: Unbounce. Unbounce is a simple-to-use landing page creator that doesn’t require you to understand HTML and other coding languages. Built in tools, with Unbounce, also gives you the ability to track, test, and optimize your affiliate campaigns. If … Continue reading

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Affiliate Payout Types

The world of affiliate marketing has a diverse set of money making opportunities. The average route of an affiliate marketer generally revolves around a single commission model but this has its own risks and drawbacks which will be explained within this post. The reality is that there are multiple types of revenue sources available to affiliate marketers; each with their own benefits worth exploring and implementing within your business. In this article, you’ll be learning about the various types of affiliate payout methods and how each can add diversity and additional opportunities for revenue. Why Diversity Matters Let’s answer an … Continue reading

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Single Opt In vs. Double Opt In: What’s the Difference?

Email marketing is a powerful tool for long-term traffic and sales; it’s your direct link to your followers without the ‘mucking about’ with social networking tools. Part of the process of building a list is the opt in. This term and strategy for subscription has come under debate whether it’s best to use a single or double opt in for email marketing. This article aims to clear up misconceptions and explore the benefits of each method of list building. The Single Opt In: Deconstructed Single opt in forms have a greater chance of easily converting a visitor into a subscriber … Continue reading

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What Affiliates Need To Know About Helishopter

Helishopter is a new shopping list platform that adds a social layer to your online commerce. I decided to take a look into the new platform and see how it can add to your bottom line in affiliate marketing – along with the general appeal when it comes to the gift giving season. Getting Started with Helishopter Helishopter makes the sign up process simple through the use of Facebook connect. The usual elements of a profile are there; Helishopter pulls most of your data for you but you’ll need to add fields like age, sex, location, and a blurb about … Continue reading

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How To Start Creating Content

Content: it’s what you read, it’s what you hear, it’s what you watch, and it’s what you share. Content is the foundation of the web; it’s the reason why people use the Internet whether it’s to read a recipe or interact with a friend about a new event. Web users are in a constant quest for education and entertainment. Knowing this, your content becomes the link to these people; it gives you a voice, an opportunity to build a brand, and even launch an online business. In this article, you will learn the bigger picture behind content on the web … Continue reading

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How To Measure Conversion Rates

“Take a shot in the dark” or “try whatever you want”; these are the last things you want to mutter when it comes to optimizing your affiliate marketing business. There’s no reason why your developer, content editor, marketing team, or yourself should blindly slap together a website and hope for the best because there are tools, on the web, that will give you every bit of data needed to make intelligent decisions about every aspect of your affiliate marketing. In this article, you’ll understand the importance of always measuring, optimizing, and improving your website and affiliate campaigns through the clever … Continue reading

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Guide To Finding Affiliate Products THAT SELL

Despite your best intentions and hard work, you won’t see dramatic affiliate commissions if you’re promoting the wrong product. Product selection is one of the most highly overlooked elements of starting up as an affiliate marketer. I know your pain because I’ve been there; I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into a project, only to find out the products I had been promoting and the demographics I thought were visiting my website weren’t truly what I thought. And then I wised up … In this guide, we’ll be sharing how you can tap into free and paid tools to discover what … Continue reading

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Google Analytics Basics for Affiliates

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve most likely heard of Google Analytics if you’ve taken an interest in affiliate marketing and online business. Google Analytics is a tool with a wide variety of features for website tracking but even this simple description doesn’t do the tool enough justice. To understand the power of Google Analytics, let’s examine its various uses and why you need to get on board with tracking your website. On the Surface: Traffic Tracking At its core, Google Analytics is widely used for its ability to track website traffic. Such stats provided that are particularly … Continue reading

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Understanding The Best Industries To Promote

Despite the seemingly endless affiliate opportunities and programs available on the net, we’re going to be looking at the “big boys” today; the ones that are well-worth your time to explore. A blogger buddy of mine, Steve Scott, put it best when it came to affiliate focus: health, wealth, beauty. I would add one more: entertainment. These are the general interests and goals of us humans; we either want to look better, have more money, be entertained or be in good health. In this article, I’ll be sharing a collection of suggestions and figures about the possible affiliate industries you … Continue reading

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Top Questions to Ask Your Affiliate Manager

You’ve made the jump into the world of affiliate marketing, you’ve joined your first affiliate program, and you’re itching to get started earning a respectable online income. Chances are, your new affiliate program comes with a few little extras; mainly, an affiliate manager to guide you through the jungle of affiliate marketing best practices and to be present whenever you need guidance about the program. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at your first foray with affiliate marketing and help you understand the important, initial questions to ask your brand new affiliate manager. Know the System, First Like … Continue reading

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