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Website Design Tips For Beginner Affiliates

Remove your web copy, killer product promotion, and authority and what you’re left with is your website design. Your design, at its core, has a lot more to do with conversions than you could have ever imagined; it’s one of the biggest, overlooked elements of marketing. This article will explore the relationship between your website design and conversions along with giving you helpful suggestions and best practices to get the most from your online work. What’s Missing? You NEED These to Succeed To say that your website needs to be a cookie cutter template isn’t the best way to describe … Continue reading

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Choose The Best Affiliate Program Offer

What makes for an irresistible affiliate offer for your visitors? Is it the flashy design and advertising? Is it the compelling, well-written landing page? Is it the perceived value and associations that are doing the promotions? All of these factors are something to keep in mind when determining which affiliate offer is best for your business. This article will share the before and after of choosing affiliate offers. The Research BEFORE Using an Affiliate Program Here at, we believe that you should use a combination of research and gut judgment when determining which affiliate offer is right for you; … Continue reading

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Facebook Timeline for Businesses + 5 Potential Uses For Your Affiliate Business

Facebook has just announced that it has begun rolling out the Timeline feature for brand pages which has previously been slowly implemented for personal users. The Timeline adds a new design and platform to discover highlight moments of a brand’s history. We ask: “how this new Timeline feature, for brand pages change the way business will be done on the social networking giant?” In this article, we’ll explore the potential up-coming effects of Facebook Timeline for brands and how you too can implement these features for your own business. Facebook with the Wikipedia Effect? Wikipedia has become the Internet’s source … Continue reading

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Amazon Affiliate Program: Update

Amazon Associates is the world’s largest affiliate program so when Amazon makes changes, you can be that we pay attention. In this article, we’ll be going over some of the latest updates from the Amazon affiliate program and how they could affect your existing businesses or websites. The Big Change: No More Short Links? The big shocker came from a recent change in the Amazon Associates policy change which loosely worded that Amazon will be paying special attention and perhaps voiding affiliate sales through shortened links. It’s difficult to decipher exactly what they mean by shortened links as Amazon has … Continue reading

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Adsense Strategies for Affiliates

Google Adsense is a webmasters dream because of the ease of implementation and potential for incredible earnings with the right niche and traffic numbers. The inherent problem is that many webmasters rarely take full advantage of the Adsense platform and wind up dropping the program or waiting months on end to ever see their first payout; the blame can be pointed toward a lack of understanding of Google Adsense along with failure to experiment with the money making platform. I’ve been using Google Adsense on my websites and blogs for years now, earning decent money, but more importantly: discovering what … Continue reading

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Why Affiliates Should Host Twitter Chats

Twitter, if you’re completely oblivious to the web right now, is one of the greatest, free marketing tools available to affiliate marketers. Twitter gives you the instant connection to followers and interested parties which, in all, has the potential for incredible opportunities for your business growth. When it comes to Twitter: consistency is key. Twitter may seem random but there is a method to the madness if you know how to tap into its unlimited resources (aka. users). This article will share a technique that very few affiliate marketers have not truly understood nor have leveraged into their business: Twitter … Continue reading

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Google+ SEO Strategy: What Does Yours Look Like?

Google+ has been an active juggernaut in the social networking game since the middle of 2011 but we’re just now seeing the importance (and force) that Google is putting behind their platform. Search Engine Optimization will evolve yet again, as it always has, because of the introduction of the Google+ network. Accounts linked on Google+ already show a significant difference in search results which means your previous work with SEO could be in jeopardy amongst the tech-savvy individuals that are a part of the network (that may also be your customers). In this article, I’ll be sharing the in’s and … Continue reading

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How To Make Money With Google Adsense

Affiliate marketing is extremely lucrative with the right traffic, offer and industry but there comes a time when sales come to a halt. Google Adsense can be a great addition to your affiliate marketing business because it “picks up the slack” when things don’t necessarily pan out in your online projects. In this post, I’d like to share how you can begin to integrate Google Adsense into your Affiliate Business. But, Adsense Shows my Competitors?! In reality, yes, Adsense will show your competition and even drive away visitors from your website to a third party website and not your affiliate … Continue reading

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How To Diversify Your Internet Marketing Business

Every business has the ability to expand and grow, rapidly, when the people behind it have an open mind and drive to leverage verticals into profitable opportunities. This article will share the process of identifying, testing and launching new verticals along with how to use your existing business as leverage to greatly improve the chance of success. How to Identify a Potential Vertical Identification of a potential vertical is the first step when truly beginning to see if there is an opportunity of leverage. Verticals are present in every business but are only noticed under a keen eye or fresh … Continue reading

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When An Affiliate Program Is No Longer Working

A month rolls by and you haven’t received your commissions from your affiliate sales. What gives? You’ve probably have experienced a bad deal or two sometime in your experience with affiliate marketing; we’ve all been burned before. The thing that hits hardest is when an affiliate program dies – your earnings are tied to the programs so when they tank, so do you unless you keep your head on in the game and pay attention to the following tell-tale signs that an affiliate program is meeting an early grave. Social Media becomes a Dead Channel It’s never a good sign … Continue reading

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