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How To Negotiate With Your Affiliate Manager

A small 1% increase in earnings doesn’t seem like that much but it could be thousands of extra dollars every month for affiliates; the path to gaining this bump is understanding and becoming a master when it’s time to negotiate with your affiliate manager. Negotiation, like asking for a raise, can be tense but the following tips and tricks should have your understanding what you can leverage to make the experience go as smoothly as possible. Be Amazing At What You Do An affiliate manager, sad to say, isn’t exactly going to entertain your time if you’re struggling with earning … Continue reading

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Improve Your Homepage With 3 Easy Steps

Increased sales, conversions and, eventually, sales; these are all major benefactors of a sleek, streamlined homepage. A homepage isn’t merely a point of your website which people land; it’s also the most vocal element of your site that leads individuals down a path toward consuming your content and, hopefully, purchasing your product or services. This article will take you through three of the easiest, yet drastic, improvements you could apply to your website’s homepage. Suggestion #1: Simplify, Everything It’s extremely rare to completely understand the mindset and knowledge of each individual that lands upon your website. People using the web, … Continue reading

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How to Buy Quality Social Signals

Social signals; they are all the rage now when it comes to higher search engine placement and overall trust of a website but how do they add up when they are bought? In this article, not only will you learn the basics of this new concept of social signals but you will also have a firm understand of where to acquire them along with weighing them toward your ethical affiliate practices. Before We Begin: What are Social Signals? The question begs to be asked: what are social signals? Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines have begun to adopt a … Continue reading

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Best Ways to Recruit Affiliate Marketers for In-house Affiliate Program

What if you could turn your best customers into an army of sales people? This isn’t some kind of foolery, it’s very possible by launching and operating an in-house affiliate program; the chance for explosive earnings are already available – now comes the point where you need to recruit affiliate marketers. In this article, you will learn several of the best ways to recruit affiliate marketers for your in-house affiliate program – let’s get started, shall we? Suggestion #1: Start with the Brand Ambassadors A ‘brand ambassador’ are those individuals that have fallen in love with your product, company and … Continue reading

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Google Panda Update: The Latest Lowdown

In February 2011, Google soft launched what has become known as the “Panda Update” to filter and improve the quality of results for their search engine users. Over the last few months, multiple releases of the Google panda update have resulted in a significant change-up to search engine results for those clamoring to obtain the top position within Google results. The target of the Panda update was to weed out “low quality” websites such as autoblogs, content farms and sites that infringed upon copyright. Months after the initial roll-out of the Panda update, Google continues to tweak their Panda algorithm … Continue reading

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