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How-to Prevent that Stir Crazy Feeling when Working From Home

When you first heard of affiliate marketing it probably immediately gave you the joy to know it’s a something you could do from the comfort of your home. If you were successful in your early attempts then you may have made the jump to working full time from a home office. But over a while you begin to miss out on many aspects of the 9-to-5 experience that keep were actually enjoyable: Talking with coworkers face-to-face Getting away from your home responsibilities Building a friend network with coworkers Having a sense you’re part of a team When you solo your … Continue reading

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What I Would Have Done Differently When Starting Affiliate Marketing

As the title implies – this piece will delve into what I would have done different when I got my start in affiliate marketing. I believe, by reexamining the start, that the insights may help those new affiliates steer a clear course toward success without all the muck in between. I’ve seen my shares of ups and downs over the years. I won’t dwell on the areas that went south. Hopefully some of these suggestions can get your business up and running with brevity. 1. A top-down approach What I mean by a “top-down” approach is creating the money-makers prior … Continue reading

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The Logical Game of Affiliate Marketing

The other day I had talked about the difference between the logical and emotional mindset of prospects and leads. The work talked about how targeting emotional individuals presents an easier path to promote and convert on affiliated products. Today I want to turn the tables and look at the logical side of the buying mindset. These are individuals that are willing to make a purchase but simply need additional nurturing. However, even though you may spend the extra time nurturing you will often find yourself dealing with an individual that may purchase bigger & better items (that come at a … Continue reading

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The Mind Game behind Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing works because you are presenting products/services to individuals that are already in the market. The people are doing their research and may already have an inclination of what they’d like to purchase. By being the middle-man you earn the commission though it doesn’t mean you can simply place an affiliate link and call it a day. There is a mind game which you will need to play with visitors on your site and in campaigns. There are two types of individuals seeking to make a purchase: The Logical The Emotional Those that are logical are the type so … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Website Flipping: Part 2

In Part 2 of our beginner guide to website flipping I want to take you through the process of developing the website at its core. At this time we’re not going to focus on content just yet; we want to ensure that it’s setup so that once you do begin adding it in you can do so knowing the site is primed for SEO, visibility, usability, and interactivity. As noted – the purpose of developing this site (as opposed to purchasing an improving one) is so that you gain the experience of creating the complete package. Once you understand all … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Website Flipping: Part 1

Website flipping is the process of building a website (or purchasing an established one) with the sole purpose of selling. The website projects can come in all forms and levels of investment. You could do a quick turn-around when developing a micro site and sell it for a few hundred dollars. In other instances you may sit on the project for months (or years), building its traffic and community, and then flipping it for thousands of dollars. The process is actually quite simple if you’re already experienced with developing sites (considering that you’re operating as an affiliate marketer anyway). The … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of the 10,000 Hour Rule

The 10,000 hour rule is something you’ve probably heard thrown around quite often; it’s the belief that in order to master something you would need to invest 10,000 hours into that activity. On paper that sounds well-and-all but it brings up an important thought… what if you were doing something wrong that entire 10,000 hours? I stumbled across a discussion on the matter over on Reddit. User Yeargdribble had this to say which summarized the fallacy: I’m a professional musician, so this is one that I see and deal with personally every day. People love to throw around the idea … Continue reading

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8 Quick Actions to Improve Your Affiliate Marketing (by this Afternoon)

It seems that there is a misconception about affiliate marketing in that there needs to be gigantic actions in order to see significant changes in exposure, leads, and profits. However, I feel that by sticking to the “big action” mindset you miss out on the low-hanging fruit which do have the potential to bring just as great of benefits to the table. Though it’s obvious the larger goals reap the larger rewards you should consider the amount of time it takes to implement these changes.   It’s the thought like: “I could spend 6 months working on my SEO to … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Money Get In The Way Of Success

For years I have always set a daily amount of income I would like to earn which, in the beginning, gives you a lot of motivation to hit those goals. Over time, however, you start to realize they become limiters. I noticed this only recently because I had the idea that I would like to earn $200 a day through my online work but when I stepped back I wondered… Why do I continue to set that limit? When you set a dollar amount to your work you are doing yourself a huge disservice: You’ll only work hard enough to … Continue reading

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A Friendly Reminder to Back up Your Data

Over the weekend I had a near panic attack because I made the mistake of installing an update that reset my computer back to a clean slate. The update was an official security patch but I failed to allow all of them to download and apply so it did a roll-back, kept all my programs, but buried (and deleted) many of my files… including all of my business documents. You couldn’t imagine the dread that flowed through me. Luckily I had a previous state available to roll-back the updates and luckily it was able to fix the problem but then … Continue reading

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