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What Humble Bundle Does Right (And What We Can Learn)

If you’re not big into video games that’s not a problem because there is still much to be learned about the incredible service that is the Humble Bundle. The Humble Bundle is one of the many bundle sites that offer incredible bundle deals but with the main focus on video games. It got its start with just the main bundle offered on occasion and eventually flourished into offering weekly game bundles, book bundles, mobile bundles, and a full-fledged online store with steep discount. Some bundles aren’t as popular as others while others have brought in millions of dollars for not … Continue reading

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Facebook Introduced the Call-to-Action Button for Pages: Are You Using It?

If you haven’t heard (or seen it) by now then you’re in for a real treat if you utilize the platform and have a fan page. Facebook has rolled out a call-to-action button for pages! The button allows for quite a few different, basic types of buttons including: Book Now Contact Us Use App Play Game Shop Now Sign Up Watch Video Each gives you the basic form which is a URL and option URL if you have a mobile website. This kind of feature is already prominent in FB advertising but it adds a whole new layer of engagement … Continue reading

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Three Ways to Recharge Your Energy for Affiliate Marketing

As someone that has been in the trenches day and day out, of online business and affiliate marketing, I can honestly say there are some days when you feel drained. You try to muster the energy to keep working on projects but you’re simply too tired to continue. When you take this lapse in your work a few things begin to happen: You’ll see your sites get a dip in traffic and conversions You’ll see your social profiles reach less and less individuals You’ll see yourself becoming overwhelmed with restarting Every once in a while you need a proper recharge … Continue reading

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Start Prepping for Valentine’s Day: What to Promote

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and this presents a great opportunity for the affiliate marketer. Valentine’s Day is emotional so the purchases are often sporadic; by tapping into this emotion you are able to promote a great deal of products that are likely to be bought without much effort in the marketing (they sell themselves). At this time there is roughly two weeks before V-Day and the sooner you can begin work on campaigns and promotions the better. Don’t know what to promote? No worries, here are some to get you started… Flowers – Online flower ordering services have affiliate … Continue reading

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Scoring Big with the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl will be held on Sunday, Feb 1st. This event is one of the biggest sporting events of the year which means people will go all-out to support their team, party, and have a great time. Position yourself correctly and you can earn off this major sporting event with your affiliate marketing. Here are some of those ways to go about doing so: Team Spirit – Whichever teams end up at the Super Bowl you can bet that people are willing to buy the team merchandise before and after the big event. Once we know who’s playing you … Continue reading

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An Unexpected, Valuable Resource for Affiliates: Trade & Retail Reports

A hefty part of the affiliate marketing process is placed into finding the right niche and products. Once you’ve landed on a hot product you can put your skills into action but if those skills are being pushed on a mediocre product you’re wasting a lot of opportunity. To aid with our discovery of niches and products we tend to rely on best seller lists, popularity/gravity (within the affiliate programs), and trends but there is one other that you may not be using which cuts through the hassle and gives you cold, hard data… trade & retail reports. These reports … Continue reading

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These are the Most Used 3-Word Phrases on Buzzfeed

Max Woolf of has compiled the data and released an image detailing the most frequently used 3-word phrases over on Buzzfeed which accounted for the most FB shares. Spend enough time on Buzzfeed and you’ll begin to see a recurring theme in their titles; this image sets it in stone. What to do with this information? Start using it for your content, of course. However, do keep in mind that they can be overused (just as they are on Buzzfeed) but it should certainly help with creating catchy titles and ideas for content for the occasional post that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Three Communities to Help with Ideas (When You’re in a Mental Rut)

When you’ve exhausted your ideas and already burned through your schedule you’ll sometimes feel like you’re in a mental rut. You’ll sit for hours jotting down ideas but they just don’t seem really compelling so you scrap them. Because you’re getting stuck on the idea phase it means you’re not putting anything out there for your community and with this lapse you may see your profits shrink. Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration. Here are some of the communities I turn to when I find myself in this mental rut: A. Reddit Reddit can be a massive time-sink … Continue reading

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Content Quick Tip: Preventing Readers from Skimming

One of the issues we find as content creators is that many people skim through content. They’ll either: A. Just look at the URL or headline and deduct their own ideas B. Jump around and look past a lot of the smaller details we cover When people skim through the content we are losing valuable opportunities to send people to valuable, affiliated resources. It’s a given that people are going to do this regardless but there are ways to format your articles so it’s more engaging. Here is a quick set of tips to make your articles in a fashion … Continue reading

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Slick ways to profit from a product launch (that isn’t yours)

It seems that every day there is a new product launch; on occasion we get to witness the major ones coming from the top businesses in the industry. When these times come around there is a lot of buzz you can ride and earn bank. If you approach it the right way then you can easily earn quite a bit of commission from these product launches without having to do the heavy work. By associating your brand to the launch, and timing it right, you’ll funnel individuals through your link as the buzz reaches its peak. Here are some of … Continue reading

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