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How to Make the New Year Resolutions Stick

Every year we promise that we’ll work on our core goals. We promise we’ll quit smoking, work on our health, grow our business, and improve our skills. The first week (or so) always goes great. We have tons of energy to jump right into those new year resolutions but as time goes on we start to let them go. At first it’s a lapse in one of the days we work on the goals; then it becomes a week… and then we drop it all together just to bring it up again in the new year. Let’s make a commitment … Continue reading

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5 Things every Affiliate Marketer should do in the New Year

With the new year there comes many new opportunities… Much has changed over the past year which means your affiliate plans are bound to accommodate. There are plenty of new affiliate programs, trends, and products/services to be had but which of them will be the ones to go for once the calendar rolls over to January 1st? Here are some of those things to look out for (and do) once the clock reaches midnight: 1. Finally get that mobile site Another year… another time when you promised you’d finally have that mobile version of the site. A great deal of … Continue reading

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Year End Discussions: A Great Content Format to Boost Commissions

I’m frequently on Reddit because it’s such a fun, lively place for discussion. A few of my favorite sub-Reddits do an annual “year-end discussion” about the top topics. When browsing through I noticed that many of them were related to products which gave me an idea for the topic of this article. Using year-end discussions as a way to drive leads. The premise is simple: Choose a topic Get people involved Expand on the comments In a lot of ways it’s like the normal comments you may be receiving on your blog when releasing a blog post but this time … Continue reading

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You, Affiliate Marketing, and Video: Setting Up

We’re now at the most exciting point of this short series on video for affiliate marketing. In the post today I’ll be explaining the three major elements that goes into setting up to do video. In all, video is quite easy to produce once you get things sorted out from the beginning but there are little factors that come into play that you’ll want to account for so try not to skim the post. Let’s get this started…   Location & Lighting A major factor to consider in shooting video is the lighting. There are a few ways to go … Continue reading

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You, Affiliate Marketing, and Video: Script Writing Basics

You’re back, that’s great! Welcome to part two of the video for affiliate marketers mini-series. Our first post covered the basics of what you’ll be getting into and now we’re on our way into the “meat” of the objective. That objective? To increase your earnings using the video format. In the article today you’ll learn about what goes into developing a script for your video; by the end of this you should have a fairly good idea on what you’ll be doing with your videos. Let’s go ahead and jump into it… First it’s important that understand the type of … Continue reading

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You, Affiliate Marketing, and Video: Getting Started

Video has been on the affiliate marketing radar for quite some time now yet few marketers ever really take a tried and true stab at the content form. Maybe it’s the product requirements or maybe it’s simply because people don’t want to be on video. Whatever the excuse – it’s costing them profits. Video for affiliate marketing doesn’t need to be a Hollywood production. It takes just a small investment for recording & editing software and taking the time to learn the basics. Once you’ve nailed a video or two you’ll realize video is the right format for you. In … Continue reading

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Five Cross-Niche Products for Easy Promos this Holiday Season

Each holiday season there are a number of niche products that really do cross the boundary in the marketplace; they are great because they can be integrated in just about any niche. What’s nice about these cross-niche items is that you can generally keep the same promotional tactics; it makes it easier for you to introduce these items if you happen to go after multiple niches. Think of it in terms of answering these questions: Are you a web developer? You could use it. Are you a business leader? You could use it. Are you an office professional? You could … Continue reading

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Four Important Questions to Ask Affiliate Managers for 2015

The affiliate manager is there to help you, the affiliate, promote to the best of your ability. When you work with an affiliate manager you’ll find many great benefits: What’s working What’s not What’s hot What’s cold … and so forth. It takes a lot of the guess work out of affiliate marketing because they have a great amount of data; this data can help you realign your promotions to hit the right, targeted individuals with the right promos. Each year affiliate marketing changes so it’s important that you go ahead and take the time to figure out what to … Continue reading

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Memberships: Yea or Nay?

Including a membership program into one of your online projects is a great way to create “passive” income. You’ll notice passive is in quotations because although the monetary method does allow you to earn through subscriptions you’ll still need to include a lot of time and effort. Memberships, on one hand, can be one of the best ways to earn from your projects because it creates a list of buyers that will frequently invest in your offers. On the other hand you may alienate a good section of your community because there is a pay wall. In the following you’ll … Continue reading

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Multi-Author Content: Yea or Nay?

Certain projects benefit from having content created by multiple authors; it’s been a trend these past few years because it adds a dynamic nature. Having multiple people work on content allows the site to continually produce content for the community and search engines. However, this also comes with having to micromanage multiple individuals and the need to create a policy so content is created with similar tone and direction. At some point in your project development you may consider going with a multi-author site. The following will provide some of the benefits and downside to this decision.   Yea to … Continue reading

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