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Basic Split Testing Techniques


testSplit testing isn’t something that beginner affiliates or internet marketers in general pay close attention to. Other things have much more publicity these days. For example, things like: PPC, social media, email marketing.

However, split testing works almost perfectly with any of the above marketing methods and actually with every other method in existence.

Split testing is an optimization technique. It can take your current actions and improve the results you’re getting with just a handful of simple steps.

Split testing is perfectly applicable to email marketing, website optimization, and advertising campaigns.

Here’s the main idea of split testing, and the main steps of introducing a split test into your arsenal of marketing methods.

Let’s use AdWords ads as an example. There are two stages of introducing a split test into any AdWords campaign:

  1. Create one ad that will be your “control” (your starting element). Then create another ad, which will be the subject of your test. Run both ads simultaneously.

  2. After you get at least 200 clicks for both ads go back and see which ad has a better CTR. This is your winner. Now take this ad and make it your new “control.” Go back to step 1.

Split testing is a continuous task. It never actually ends, but this isn’t a problem. That way you can constantly test your campaigns to find the best ad possible.

But split testing is not only about AdWords campaigns. Here are two more possibilities for split testing.

Split Testing And Email Marketing

Once you have about 400 people on your email list you can start split testing different marketing messages. Doing this earlier wouldn’t give you any significant results because too much would be left to chance.

What you do is divide your list in half and send email version A to the first 200, and email version B to the second 200.

(The idea is to create two email messages that have the same goal but use different copy.)

Once the emails have been sent you just have to wait for the results to come in. When they do, compare them and note the winner for future applications. (Your email newsletter software should allow you to do this.)

That way, over time, you can craft the perfect marketing message that has the best conversion rate.

Split Testing And Landing Pages

You can do this in your Google Analytics account in the section called “Content Experiments” (formally known as Google Website Optimizer).

Essentially, you can split test any element of your website, including: images, copy, ads, articles, sidebars, etc.

To find out more about Content Experiments feel free to visit this article: Helping to Create Better Websites: Introducing Content Experiments.

Have you tried split testing yet? If yes, how is it working out for you? If not, do you plan on checking it out?

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