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How-to Get a Better Night’s Sleep, Feel Charged, and Eliminate Work Anxiety


I’ve never been the type that gets a great amount of sleep.

My sleep schedule is either me being up for almost 24 hours with just a few (usually 3 or 4) hours of rest or completely random like 12 hours up and 12 hours down (like on the weekends). It’s a real pain in the rear because a disrupted sleep schedule is disruptive to all of your work.

I know you might be saying … what does this have to do with affiliate marketing?

I think it has everything to do with it.

When you’re slogging in the morning because you didn’t get restful sleep you’re not going to perform well on your business projects. You’re going to be slow. You’ll have difficulty culling up your creativity. You won’t be on your A-Game when dealing with others.

The problem is that everyone just says:

  • Go to sleep earlier


  • Exercise

But that’s not always the case.

I think a good majority of us – the people that are very active with the Web – find it naturally difficult to sleep because we’ve wired our brains to need a constant stream of information.

If we’re not working on our business then we’re consuming information to improve it. When we’re finally getting around to relaxing we’re still connected and checking emails, social updates, and reading the news. Basically … we’re super wired.

I want to share a few things I’ve picked up on over the years while doing the online thing. I can’t say, for sure, these techniques/strategies will work for you in terms of getting better rest but if you’re like me – wired and has wild sleeping patterns – they might just get the job done.

Hacking Your Sleep Schedule (and Gaining Real Rest)

It’s worth noting the basics when it comes to good sleep:

  • Go to bed a consistent time

  • Wake up at the same time

  • Try to get a solid 6 – 8 hours

Easier said than done in this day and age especially when we’re carrying our phones with us at all times of the day, have a TV in the bedroom, and probably stay on the computer all the way up to the point when we’re calling it quits.

There are two items I would recommend to fix the problem that’s building up:

The first, Flux, is a program that will change and adapt the color of your screen throughout the day. So when it’s day time your screen will have a warm color (organish) while at night it’ll go cool (bluish).

This actually works quite well because when we sit in front of our screens we’re bombarded with the same brightness which throws off our natural body clock. It’s the same thing you’ll find if you work under florescent lights all day. It just feels … off.

Using this program and allowing it to make the slow change throughout the day will help you naturally wind down towards the end of it. The added benefit is that it’s easy on the eyes so you’re not stressing them as often (and could even reduce headaches).

The second, Sleepytime, is a simple site/service which works around your body’s REM cycles. When you sleep your body goes through cycles and if you wake up in the middle of one of these deep REM cycles you’ll generally feel very groggy and not well rested.

The site will help you calculate what time you’d need to go to bed (either on a predetermined time or if you choose that very moment). It’ll give you the times when you should come out of your REM cycle so you feel well rested and refreshed.

One Fixes the Others

When you fix your sleep schedule either by force (like staying up an extra day to go to sleep at a normal time) or use one of the websites/services like I’ve mentioned you’re going to naturally fix much of the problems you associate with grogginess.

A good night’s sleep will:

  • Have you energized to jump right into work in the morning

  • Allow you to wake at a time where you won’t feel rushed

This boost of energy and added time will eliminate the sluggish start of your day and remove a lot of the anxiety because you’ll get right down to it.

In all – try whatever you think works for you.

The flux program may work. Maybe it’s the scheduling. Exercise will certainly help. Try a combination of them all. Put some work into getting good sleep and the rest of your business will benefit.


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