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Clickbank is an affiliate marketing marketplace that has thousands of products and services covering hundreds of niche markets. As an affiliate marketer, Clickbank provides the source of incredible revenue potential if you find a product worth promoting.

In this article, you’ll get the up-to-speed on Clickbank and how to get started with this amazing affiliate marketing platform.

Why Clickbank?

As a member of Clickbank, I can accurately say that the marketplace provides an incredible set of tools, products, services, and resources for building your affiliate business.

Clickbank offers the following for affiliate marketers, such as you:

  • A huge list of products you could promote in your business

  • The ability to setup and begin selling your own affiliate products

  • Tracking, reports, resources, and a knowledge base for affiliate marketing

  • Flexible payment options

  • Advanced marketplace features to find the perfect product to promote

Additionally, Clickbank is one of the easiest affiliate marketplaces to gain membership with very low requirements for signing up. You can begin promoting products almost instantaneously.

Clickbank Offers and You

Now we get to the good stuff: why Clickbank is great for you.

As noted, Clickbank has a monstrous selection of affiliate products and services to promote for your business and projects. More specifically, the marketplace can be drilled down to find very niche products even for the most obscure industries.

The marketplace tools can give you glimpse into what you could be earning and your chance of conversions:

  • Gravity. This attribute gives you a general idea of how much ‘play’ the product is getting.

  • Avg. Sale. How much you’ll be earning for the product you promote.

  • Advanced Search Attributes. These fields can help you find products that give you even greater options for earning such as: one-time offers, required languages, affiliate tools, and more.

Browsing the marketplace reveals hundreds of great offers for your specific industry. The advanced set of tools can help give you a good mixture of different affiliate products to promote which creates diversity in your approach to affiliate marketing.

Your First Affiliate Promotion with Clickbank

Once signed up, browse through the marketplace until you’ve found a great product that fits your business or online project. It may take time but remember: product selection is crucial.

When choosing a product from Clickbank, pay attention to the following:

  • How much you’ll make from the product. Promote products that will pay you a decent commission for the amount of work you’re putting in.

  • The quality of the landing page. Take a look at the landing page for the product; check for call-to-actions, testimonials, great copy and other elements that will convert.

  • Flexibility and support. See if you can find complimentary products that have different payment options (like recurring commissions) to add diversity to your business; also, select products that have support system with free ad copy, banners, and customer service.

You’re now up to speed with getting started with Clickbank; sign up, browse the marketplace, and see if the product offerings will fit your affiliate business.

Do you use Clickbank? What do you like most about the marketplace?

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8 Responses to Find Offers with Clickbank

  1. David March 29, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    man I have been in a thousand different things and nothing is paying off this looks good but i dont want to spend anymore money on this stuff call me 559-786-0334

    • Murray Lunn April 2, 2012 at 10:19 am

      There are a lot of factors going on in online promotions: the root is really the product and audience. Simply put: some audiences aren’t very inclined to buy online products. For example – it’ll be hard pressed to find web designers purchasing many products because there is such an abundance of great web design blogs.

      What you could begin trying is simplifying the options – try to go for a three tiered approach so there’s a low, mid, and high level product. Dig back into your analytics to see what type of people you’re attracting or even just take a look at your competitors – find what products they promote and find something comparable (or even the same, if you can find it through Clickbank).

  2. rene reynoso March 30, 2012 at 3:28 am

    unico y muy bueno

  3. GW April 2, 2012 at 6:12 am

    I’m in same boat as David. None of my clickbank products are moving at all. What can I try next.

    • Murray Lunn April 2, 2012 at 10:21 am

      I would say: For a week, try out a different advertising option to see if people are even paying attention. You could setup Adsense and let that run long enough to see whether people are clicking; from that point – you could then go back through and examine your past campaigns to see what matches the type of ads that were being displayed.

      Also, give a try on the comment reply I did for David – I think that will definitely help you do the next step in testing.

  4. Jason April 2, 2012 at 9:43 am

    Been promoting CB products for 6 months through blog posting and banner exchange… not a single sale. i’m guessing that CB is going to be useless without massive amounts of highly targeted traffic. i’m running several products on banner exchange with some products having 4 or 5 different banners running and the CTR on them averages out to .03%

    • Murray Lunn April 2, 2012 at 10:27 am

      Traffic does certainly matter but remember that you’ll always want to go for TARGETED traffic.

      Personally, I’ve never had much success with banner exchanges because the traffic always seems to be very untargeted. For your blog posts, you can generally change your author byline so maybe try changing that out to a different promotion or different landing page.

      In time, things should begin working out by testing different products that are highly specific to your audience, testing different campaigns and niches, and testing your landing page (copy, call-to-action, etc). Don’t give up!

  5. Jason April 2, 2012 at 9:47 am

    correction; 0.3%…

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