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How To Make Money with Contextual Advertising


When it comes to monetizing a web site you have plenty of options. With Google Adsense being a top priority, but always having the risk of your account being banned for no reason, many site owners and affiliate marketers are looking at other solutions.

One of the fastest growing ways to generate revenue through web sites and blogs without having to take up extra banner space and actually sell anything, is through contextual advertising. Ad networks like INTENTclick can start placing in content advertising on your site or blog right away. The way contextual advertising works is a lot like Google Adsense, but without taking up a ton of banner space.

The benefits of using a contextual ad network is that you won’t have to jeopardize your page space, while you are also providing quality links to advertisers that are relevant to your content. Contextual ad networks can scan the content on your page, then change relevant text links into ad links. Of course you will also earn a commission every time one of your visitors clicks on one of these links.

Sites That Do Well with Contextual Advertising

Just like you need to take time to select what type of advertising you want to display on your web site, you also need to think about the niche or topic you are going to be based your content around. The different niches below work extremely well for contextual based advertising.

  • Coupon and Daily Deals

  • Product and Review Sites

  • Information, News & Entertainment

The reason why these niches do extremely well with contextual advertising is that people are already in a buying or researching mode at these types of sites. Another major reason is that these topics link up very well with the type of sites that advertise through ad networks.

If you have a coupon or daily deals site that is talking about coupons for a specific brand or product, there is a good chance those keywords will end up being contextual links that people can click on and earn you money. While you are earning money, the reader is being sent to a web site that relates to their interests.

Effectively Monetizing Your Web Site Traffic

No matter what type of revenue generation you are looking to use, the content of your blog and it’s traffic will react differently to different types of ads. Be sure to play around with different ad networks and placements to learn how to best monetize your sites traffic.

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One Response to How To Make Money with Contextual Advertising

  1. Greg Batchelor March 28, 2012 at 8:37 am

    What about classified ads? Seems it would be good. Visitors are definitely in a buying mode, but is the content too dynamic for contextual spiders to keep up with?

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