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How To Choose Your Affiliate Site Topics


Where would all the great businesses, of today, be if it didn’t start with a great idea?

The initial choice for your affiliate business has greater impact than you may ever truly know but you can conclude one thing before we begin: it will ultimately decide how much you’ll earn.

In this next section, I’ll be sharing a variety of steps and suggestions for choosing the right affiliate site topic to ensure you start with the right, profitable idea.

The Semi-Obvious Guide to Choosing Affiliate Site Topics

First, start with what you know because the easiest bridge to starting an affiliate business is to base it around what you’re already good at and use in your daily life. You can generally expect other individuals that would love to learn your trade; it only comes down to finding a product (or creating your own) to promote and begin earning.

Secondly, browse through large marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping (and others) to get a feel for what people are actually buying. Don’t guess. Dig through the top/best sellers list, view the transaction history, get a scope on the competition selling products and services, see their marketing material, and align it to what you think you could begin promoting.

Third, use keyword research tools like Google Analytics to understand the search volume for major keywords around the products or services you wish to promote in your business. Use tools like Google trends to get an understanding of the webs reception to the information and buying habits. Measure your potential based around achieving a reasonable search engine ranking and how much of a pull you could receive if the market goes up.

Fourth, dig around on your competition to get an idea of every element of how they run their business. Pay close attention to the advertisements your competition is using, where they share their content, their community members, price points, copywriting, call-to-actions, website design, and more. Go as far as ordering from the company to see how they respond to actual clients and replicate it in your own.

Fifth, use affiliate marketplaces to see what products and services are hot and in demand at this time. Sign up and browse through the marketplace listings for best sellers, talk with affiliate managers, ask fellow affiliate marketers, and do whatever you need to get as much info about the potential products you’ll be promoting.

Using all five of these steps, you’ll be able to go through your general interests and project ideas with ease to determine which is the most lucrative (and worthy) of your time and resources – follow these suggestions to the key and you’ll be profitable in no time.

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