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Developing a Customer Avatar: A How-to Guide


“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” – Peter Drucker

Do you really know your customer?

I mean really understand your customer down to the finest details.

Could you look in a crowd of people and say …

“Ah, that person would buy from me”

This ability is done by creating a customer avatar.

What is a Customer Avatar?

It’s an image of your customer.

It goes well beyond their habits.

It includes details like:

  • Demographics

  • Age

  • Ethnicity

  • Income

It can also include items like their hair color or something as small like if they have piercings.

Rough example: Company X’s customer avatar is a middle-aged White male between the ages of 40 and 46 that lives in the suburbs. He has at least one child. He earns roughly $50 – 70k a year and likes to take vacations to South America.

Creating the Customer Avatar

I would have to say that you’re not going to get it 100% but even if you can identify just a few key elements of your customer you are far better off than a lot of your competitors especially if they’ve failed to create this image.


  • Create a spreadsheet or new Word document

  • Sign into your social profiles

  • Pull up emails from community members (or from your newsletter)

  • Sign into your analytics

Try to answer the following:

  • Are they male or female?

  • What is their age?

  • What is their relationship status?

  • What do they do for work?

  • How much do they earn from work?

  • What are their hobbies and interests?

  • What problems do they have (in relation to your niche)

  • What are their goals?

Do this as if you’re creating a character.

The easiest way to get a general idea of the process (and find additional, worthwhile questions to ask) is to create an avatar of your best friend. This will reveal the process then you can shift it toward your customers and those interested in your business.

Once you have this data you now have the ability to:

  • Change and align the tone of voice in your content (to appeal to these people)

  • Convey and share values (which builds character and trust)

  • Know what key phrases and elements to use in targeted marketing campaigns

The list goes on and on.

Having a customer avatar keeps your business aligned. Whenever you are in doubt of what you are doing you can ask yourself “is this something my customer avatar would want?”.

Added Resources

There is a whole lot of great information out there that further explains the process of creating a customer avatar (and using it to move your business). Here are some of those that I’ve found you might find worth your while:


The ease of launching an affiliate marketing business creates a paradox.

You are able to do niche research, setup a site, and begin promoting products so quickly that it’s easy to forget some of the finer details of your market research – in this case: your customers.

It’s never too late to define your customer avatar.


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