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Discover How eBooks Can Help You Collect Real Earnings


eBooks are an amazing canvas for ideas

eBooks are a fabulous way to earn additional income in your affiliate marketing business and/or be used to build a list when shared as a freebie. The process of creating eBooks isn’t entirely difficult but, either way, we’ve put together a complete rundown on how you can easily piece together one:

To begin, try compiling your existing work that’s used on your website. Many people don’t have time to spend hours digging through your website content and need a refined source of information – this is what your ebook can facilitate. In essence, you’re republishing your best-of work into a single source of information which can be sold or traded for an email.

If you’re having trouble developing an idea, conduct community research to find out what your readers want in the form of an eBook by using polls, mining comments, asking readers (directly), or scoping the competition as to what they offer their community.

When you’re strapped for time, consider paying a ghost writer to complete the main sections of your eBook. You can find experienced individuals that understand your topics across a wide range of freelance marketplaces or by placing ads on relevant websites or blogs. Your task would be to fill in the minute details and add the story.

To make things attractive, hire a professional graphic designer to piece together the eBook cover and/or the internal pages of your work. eBooks, like physical ones, should be attractive to the eye but also use catchy headlines that entice the visitor to buy or subscribe.

Once you’ve compiled the ebook, include it on your autoresponder, such as iContact or Aweber, if you plan to market your ebook as a list freebie. The eBook, when used this way, will greatly increase your chance of building your list because there is an additional incentive to sign up to the list.

Alternatively, install shopping cart software or list your eBook on affiliate networks to begin selling your eBook to your community. Look for shopping cart software or plug-ins that allow digital downloads and payment processing to make things easier on your limited time and resources.

Finally, promote your eBook through a variety of methods such as guest posting, article marketing, Google Adwords, giveaways, video marketing, and any of the other alternative methods that help your work gain traction within your community and the niche at large.

In all, your eBook will come together more rapidly than you anticipated and you’ll have something to sell (or give away) in no time at all – it’s as easy as that.

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