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Discovering your Unique Selling Point


It’s easy to jump into the affiliate marketing industry and hit the ground running only to find that your business can’t stand up to the competition and lack in overall performance despite your extensive dedication toward market research and product development.

The reason that competitors have it the way they do is that they’ve managed to carve a unique position within the market. No, not a niche, but a unique selling point.

The unique selling point is what makes you different – it brings understanding to why people should buy from your business because it puts you in a position which offers specific value that competitors do not.

This article will take you through the process of finding your USP and give you a few running examples of those using their position to become big players in their markets.

Finding the USP

The unique selling point (sometimes called unique selling position) is a combination of factors when operating your business from the inside and out:

  • Your personality and experience with your products

  • The difference in features and benefits compared to competitors

  • The audience and market you plan to capture

Like a niche which is a very specific segment of the market – the USP becomes a specified element of your sales, marketing, and general position within the industry.

To find the USP of your business, consider the following actions:

1. Gather your top five competitors and differentiate between product features, benefits, price points, copywriting, and tone – find what makes each different than the other.

2. Define what your product brings to the table and what it does to solve a need for the customer – Is it cheaper? Does it have additional features? Is it a newer model?

3. Develop an internal and external idea of your offering by coming up with a simple pitch for what makes your product different and then gather feedback from would-be customers to hear their take – this should be short, to the point, and impactful.

As an example, let’s say you’re selling an ebook on putting together a website – this is a common product we’ll find in affiliate marketing. A common USP for this type of work may be something along the lines of “getting started with only $XXX” which is trying to get the people that don’t want to spend a great deal of money. Alternatively, it could take the approach of “getting started for the tech-impaired” which implies it’s aiming for a segment of the market that aren’t too savvy when it comes to Web-related technology. Each has a USP but then each represents a vastly different approach.

See what you can do with coming up with your USP. Sit down and write out what makes your offers different than the competition. Come up with a one line pitch. Begin implementing this tone throughout the entirety of your website and marketing.

Here are a few extra video resources for understanding the unique selling point:

What makes your affiliate business unique? Share a comment below or over on our Facebook page.

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