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Don’t Forget Your Mom: Mother’s Day Affiliate Ideas & Strategies


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th which means it’s quickly approaching and if you plan to make money from the holiday, as an affiliate, it’s best you start those campaigns sooner than later.

Americans spend between $18 – $19.8 billion dollars for their moms on this day with the average spend hovering around $55 per individual.

So what should you promote? What should you do to get those products & services out there? Have a look at this overview of Mother’s Day affiliate ideas and strategies…

Products/services worth promoting

There’s the usual and the eclectic – all of which are perfect for your promotion:

  • Flowers – This is a given but if you side with one of the many online retailers you could promote big arraignments that can cost over $100 which makes for hefty commissions.

  • Gift Baskets – When people aren’t sure what to get their mum a gift basket is usually the solution; there are hundreds of great retailers that sell gift baskets. The gift baskets can be generic or you could seek out those products that are truly unique (and niche) for the target audience you’re going after.

  • Jewelry – A nice ring, bracelet, or necklace will certainly win mom over. These items can be costly so if you manage to funnel a few people through your affiliate links you are bound to make quite a few bucks.

  • Spa Packages – Mothers are busy, busy, busy and need some relation. Promoting spa packages will be a great option for shoppers because they know (and want) to see their mom taking a day off to be relaxed and have fun.

  • Hobby/Interest Items – This one will depend on the audience but you could create content and round-ups that are specific to hobbies & interests such as gardening, crafting, food, writing, outdoors, pet-related, and more.

  • Furniture/Appliances – Things like painting, end-tables, storage or a new blender, juicer, set of knives are always welcome if they know their mom’s items are starting to show wear.

  • The little things – Candles, a nice bottle of wine, a photo album, a diary, bath robes, and more. These are all little things she’d love and you can generally get people to buy a bunch of them together if they’re shopping through one online portal like Amazon.

Strategies for the happy day

Now we’ve got to figure out how to get those products/services to your audience:

  • It would be best to create a niche site which would allow you to break down the content in many ways to capitalize on searches. You could do many lists catered to specific types of individuals such as 30 Amazing Gifts for the Gardening Mother and the like. Putting effort into building a niche site also gives you long-term play since much of it can be re-used the following year.

  • A sponsored FB post highlighting Mother’s Day is tasteful and gives you the chance to share these products to your followers. Do the same with other social media platforms.

  • If you can find a way to fit the holiday into your business you could release an email. A good way to do this is to make it a little about your business but with the emphasis on mom. You could talk about how much motivation she has given you and by the end of it you could mention some of the things you plan to get her and offer other options for readers to find something for theirs.

  • Hold a contest for something such as an all-in-one Mother’s Day package that may come with flowers, chocolates, a gift basket, and more. Let people enter by sharing their email, sharing it on social, and getting them to say a few things about why they love their mom. It will be a great way to spread the brand and also gives you a chance to funnel those entries to a site where they could find Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Go ahead and see what you can come up with for Mother’s Day but don’t get too caught up in it that you forget to get a gift for yours!


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