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Quick ways to build an email list, part 2

With each prospect you sign up to your email list, the better your chances of successfully marketing to him or her. Affiliate Programs takes you through five important steps to creating and managing an effective, high-quality email marketing list.

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Quick ways to build a list, part 1

Building a listNo online business really reaches truly high levels of success without email marketing. It may not be a part of your current marketing efforts, but, the truth is, if you aspire to turn your affiliate marketing site into a full-fledged Internet business, you need to start thinking about email marketing.

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Five tips for great email subject lines

When you're launching your first affiliate marketing email campaign, you're going to want to do everything you can to get your audience to open your emails and click on your affiliate link. The best way to break through the clutter is to differentiate yourself. And when you make a promise of great content in your subject line, your audience will be able to see exactly what they can gain by opening your email and checking out your content.

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Consider Email Marketing

Considering Email Marketing? Guidelines for Getting Started

As affiliates, there are several ways to promote programs other than a simple website with banners and text links.

If you're an affiliate with a segmented email list, email marketing can be a lucrative marketing method, given that you follow certain guidelines. Many of the active affiliates in our affiliate forum use email marketing as one of their main sources of promotion.

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