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Succeed In Affiliate Marketing with Commission Junction (


Commission Junction is a premier affiliate network for big brands including, Netflix, GoToMeeting, and a seemingly unlimited amount of smaller businesses. You will find a product to match your affiliate campaigns with

In this article, you’ll learn the benefits and features of along with how you too can get started with this remarkable affiliate network.


You’re probably asking “why should I joint another affiliate network?”

It’s simple, offers up:

  • Thousands of products and services for affiliates

  • Complete stat tracking and analytics for campaigns

  • An immense ad copy selection

  • On-time payments with flexible payment options

  • A full support system for your affiliate marketing questions

Unlike other networks that focus on information products, is one of the only networks in which you’ll find major brands for everyday products that will reach the masses. This access, to major brands, aids in building trust and value driven affiliate campaigns for your audience and business.

Additionally, the marketplace is so massive that you can use advanced search functions to find specific affiliate products and services unique to your campaigns based on a variety of criteria and affiliate methods.

The interface is incredibly easy to use. You’ll have rich access to tested ad copy and unique affiliate links once you’ve discovered a campaign which greatly improves your chances of success vs. having a shot in the dark with your own copy and tracking.

Making it BIG with

Your initial foray into affiliate marketing can be difficult at best if you’re new to affiliate marketing networks but has a clear and simple process of discovering and setting up campaigns without the need for extensive, technical knowledge.

Here’s how to get started …

1. Sign up for

Make an account on the network and remember to submit your tax information so you can be paid your earnings through your preferred payment method.

2. Get acquainted with the dashboard

You’ll be spending a lot of time monitoring your dashboard and navigating the options with which is why it’s important to get used to the interface so you can easily access new campaigns, run reports, and stay up-to-date with your campaigns.

3. Browse for products and services

Use the advertiser category list to drill down and find products to promote in your affiliate business. You could also use the advanced search features to filter specific types of campaigns based on the promotion, link, size, relationship status, language, and country type.

4. Apply to the advertiser campaign

Note: Not all advertisers have automatic approval for campaigns; you may need to verify your website in order to promote larger brands; it’s also important to read guidelines and limitations to your involvement with the company so that you don’t break the affiliate agreement.

5. Grab ad copy and promote!

Lastly, you’ll find that many advertisers have a wide selection of banners, links, and promotions which you can use for your next campaign. Snag one and start promoting – success is waiting.

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4 Responses to Succeed In Affiliate Marketing with Commission Junction (

  1. Peter April 10, 2012 at 4:54 am

    I’ve successfully completed steps 1-4: however, step 5.Grab ad copy and promote is where I fail. Is there a step-by-step tutorial describing how to “promote” these offers. It seems like everything I’ve tried just barely scratches the surface.

    I need a comprehensive guide on how to succeed at promotion. Other wise, I’m just facing into the wind and you know the rest. Please help!


    • Michaela April 17, 2012 at 11:19 am

      Start with writing quality content and marketing it! You can also practice SEO, read up on PPC and SEM.

  2. Alison September 3, 2012 at 2:22 am

    Hi Michaela,

    You haven’t actually answered Peter’s request for a ‘comprehensive guide on how to succeed at promotion’?



  3. Shawn Plep September 3, 2012 at 8:28 am

    This article is all sizzle with no steak. It thoroughly lists all the steps, but gives no details and no tips and no advice on how to actually promote affiliate offers.

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