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Five Great Affiliate Programs on Commission Junction


Five Great Affiliate Programs on Commission JunctionIf you’re not already an affiliate through Commission Junction, why not? While it’s possible you might have been scared off by negative rumors about the company and the way it treats affiliates, it’s more likely you haven’t thought about the numbers.

And those numbers suggest that you should check out Commission Junction, or “CJ.”

Of the top 500 retailers that use third-party affiliate marketing software, 62 percent of them use Commission Junction. Those retailers include big-name brands such as Dell, Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond and online shoe giant Zappos.

So, regardless of where you are with your business, if you’re looking to become an affiliate for retailers who sell physical goods online, it’s hard to ignore CJ. While you can certainly build a business without it, you’ll probably be missing some terrific opportunities along the way.

As you’re selecting programs and products to offer on your site, here are five affiliate programs from Cj that you’ll want to consider.

Hostgator – This web hosting program offers a generous $100 per-sale commission to affiliates for any customer that signs up for a hosting plan. While the web hosting niche is very crowded for natural search affiliates, if you have a web design or information technology consulting business, you can offer Hostgator through your website and earn a little bit of money from your traffic.


Commission: $100 per sale

Cookie Length: 60 Days

3 Month EPC (U.S. Dollars): $47.02*

Vista Print – is an on demand, custom printing service that creates a range or products from business cards to postcards to T-Shirts to mugs. They roll a range of offers that appeal to small businesses, consumers looking to customize a variety of products, and for events such as weddings or Christmas.


Commission: 10-20%; $3-30 per sale

Cookie Length: 60 days

3 Month EPC: $54.29

MacMall – This Apple Computer superstore is known for a terrific selection, great customer service and the ability to use bonuses to beat the prices of the Apple Store. If you’re blogging about computers and looking for a program that allows you to discuss and review a variety of Apple hardware, you’ll want to sign up for this program.


Commission: 3-5%

Cookie Length: 15 Days

3 Month EPC: $22.32

Get Organized – If you’re a mommy blogger or running a website related to home organization or home improvement, this is a program you’ll want to consider. They offer a variety of home accessories, everything from ironing board holders to doormats to laptop tables to automotive accessories. Think of Brookstone, but at a Walmart price point.


Commission: 9%

Cookie Length: 45 Days

3 Month EPC: $40.35

Zappos – Do you blog about shoes, fashion or cater to a demographic that buys shoes? If so you’ll want to consider Zappos, the online shoestore powerhouse known for its terrific, above-and-beyond customer service. While Zappos’ EPC is lower than some of its competitors, it’s a brand name that’s known for great service, so you know that your site’s visitors will be happy with their purchase. And hopefully that will encourage them to come back to your site.


Commission: 5-12%

Cookie Length: 30 Days

3 Month EPC: $24.83

Regardless of your niche, you’re likely to find a great program on CJ. The only downside I find with Commission Junction is that their affiliate interface is a bit jumbled and not very easy to navigate. However, CJ has good customer service and has been very helpful to me when I’ve run into an issue with a program.

Are you a Commission Junction affiliate? What programs are you participating in? How are you doing with them?

*3 Month EPC – This is a metric that measures how much money affiliates have made over 100 clicks though to a website. For instance, if the 3 month EPC is $97, that means that affiliates have earned, as an average over the past three months, $97 per 100 clicks.

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2 Responses to Five Great Affiliate Programs on Commission Junction

  1. A.W. Howe September 21, 2011 at 1:20 am

    We have been with CJ for about nine months, and as an advertiser, it was a slow start. We know offer a 10% off coupon for all sales over $100 and publishers started signing up. The CJ affiliate coupon is now among our most successful programs. Publishers in the food, drink and entertainment areas do especially well.

    • Jeff Greer September 24, 2011 at 6:50 pm

      Great advice. In addition, I know several affiliates who are doing coupon sites, and they’re doing really well with them.

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