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Free and Low Cost Tracking Solutions You Can Use Right Now


It seems like everyone is always trying to sell you on the latest and greatest software and tracking solutions out there. The truth is you don’t need all of the glitz and glamor… especially if you are a new affiliate marketer who is just starting out. In this post we will cover some of the best free affiliate, social and ppc tracking solutions available.

Tracking 202

Probably the most popular tracking solution out there among active affiliates. In the early days of Tracking 202, you would have to host all of your urls and tracking through their own servers, then they came out with software that you could load onto your own server. Amazingly enough, it was still free to use and is still one of the most downloaded and sought after tracking softwares used today. Once setup, you can start placing pixels and setup your tracking with any of your favorite affiliate networks or search engines. Premium accounts and upgrades are available at $19.95 a month.

Google Analytics

Analytics was once the most expensive out there for premium web site stats tracking, and then Google came along, bought them up and offered it for free! Since then, everything has changed. Millions of web sites are using Google Analytics to report web site visitors for their sites, but they also offer pixel tracking as well. Make sure to read through this Google Analytics conversion tracking setup to better understand how you can start tracking leads through Analytics.

Direct Link Tracking

For those affiliate marketers who don’t want to mess around with link tracking software or paying for a premium service, you always have the choice to link directly to your offers through your affiliate network. Nearly all networks will provide you with impressions, clicks, conversion rates and epcs. However, many affiliates find there are discrepancies between their click amounts and what the networks actually show you. This is why there is such a demand for internal or third party link tracking.

Premium Low Cost Tracking Solutions

In addition to free methods of link tracking, you also have some great low cost options available. The tracking solutions below are used by many, and depending on your use of their service, it shouldn’t be too hefty on your wallet either.

  • LinkTrackr – Ranging from $9 to $69 a month, LinkTrackr offers viral cloaking, branded domain names, conversion tracking with A/B testing and more.

  • HasOffers – A choice among many affiliate networks for running all of their offers and tracking, but they also have smaller packages for individual affiliate networks and campaign tracking. The smallest package starts at $99/month, which includes 10 offers and 500 users… all the way up to $799/m, which gives you pretty much everything they have to offer and unlimited users and offers.

As you can see, there are plenty of solutions out there for when it comes to online stats tracking. In the end, you will always want to have control over your urls, redirects and a copy of your own stats to compare with the actual reporting advertiser/network stats. Having this type of access and data is the difference between possibly getting screwed up, and also taking your ad campaigns to the next level.

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