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Google may have Inadvertently Screwed Up your Email Marketing


A new change to Gmail has gone live (for many users and eventually all of them) and with it comes a new format which divides emails into different tabs.

The defaults include:

  • Primary – For emails between friends, family, and colleagues

  • Social – For those emails associated with your social accounts

  • Promotions – For newsletters and other sales-type emails

For users, it’s a breath of fresh air because it prevents them from being overwhelmed by email; the design is sleek, easy to understand, and customizable.

However … this isn’t good for marketers using email.

The issue: it’s likely that your emails will get caught in the ‘Promotions’ tab and may not get read.

Now, this only affects those on your list that use Gmail as their primary email service but don’t forget that Gmail is one of the most widely used services for this purpose.

Here’s what you need to do

A. Fix your inbox to receive opted promotional emails

B. Tell your list subscribers, using Gmail, to fix the inbox

First of all, you most likely have subscribed to a variety of email lists to receive content updates from those you deem valuable (such as’s list). Unless you remember to check the ‘Promotions’ tab you could miss out on timely information that could aid your business.

There are two ways to fix this issue:

The first would be to drag and drop an email from someone you prefer over to the primary inbox. Once you’ve placed the email in the primary inbox it will prompt if you’d like to receive all future emails to the tab – select yes, of course.

The second method is to click the small gear icon on the right side of the screen, select Configure Inbox, and uncheck the Promotions tab from the list; this should now send those emails to your Primary inbox.

Now you need to tell your readers about the change.

  • Send an email to your list with information just like this

  • Alert your followers on your social media accounts

  • Write a blog post on your website

We’ve seen this kind of change before with Facebook Pages (which would limit your reach to your audience); it only takes a few minutes to fix and a few more to send out the update to your readers.

Pass it along & share.


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