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Google’s Free Classes Review


Google has recently rolled out a set of free courses dedicated to helping individuals understand effective web search. At the time of this writing, the search course is at its half-way point; what does this mean for the average affiliate marketer? We put it into review …

Why Teach about Search?

Google is no longer the simple search engine that grew with the web but a massive set of tools anywhere from maps to social. The larger Google gets, the more difficulties people have with using their platform which is the reason for this new, free course dedicated to aiding individuals find information.

The first series in this course is a pre-class assessment which gauges you based on your existing knowledge of the search engine such as differentiating ads from organic results, what formatting represents in search results, search parameters, and search hacks (such as converting units).

Following the pre-class assessment is a set of “chapters” to the course which are neatly divided out between understanding the Google search engine, interpreting results, advanced search techniques, rapid us of the tools, fact-checking, and a wrap up. After all is said and done, there is a post-class assessment that, assumingly, will ensure students understand the course and reward them with a certificate.

Digging into the Introduction, I noticed the structured layout of the chapter with accompanying video and option to read through the text transcription. Each video contains quality information about each sub-topic and pulls in the expertise of Daniel Russell and Matt Cuts; the addition of easy-to-understand graphics engages you on these otherwise bland topics. Afterwards, you can do an activity which tests your understanding of each sub-topic which is somewhat difficult if you don’t catch upon the smaller bits of information but otherwise ask the right questions which matter for the student.

Lastly, Google has included a forum where people can discuss topics related to the course and aid each other in understanding the content. The only downside to the forum is that many threads are disorganized although there are filters to aid people browsing through it.

Overall, I would give Google a big thumbs up for their initiative with helping their users understand the basics (and advanced elements) of search.

What This Means

You may be asking what all of this means and why should it matter since you’re well experienced using the Google search engine. Here it is: the ability for Google users to understand how to effectively search means that these individuals are more likely to find businesses, such as yours.

Sit down with any older (or very young) individual and watch them use the web for a few minutes. You’ll most likely end up frustrated because they aren’t finding what they seek because they’re using the wrong keywords or clicking through to lackluster websites. Well, these individuals also happen to be seeking your products so if they’re having trouble doing general searches – how do you expect them to find your niche products?

This push, by Google, is setting new web users in a great direction. Yes, there are some underlying reasons behind the course such as building brand awareness to Google but the course is great for all of us affiliate marketers. In fact, we should probably do our part to promote the class since it will improve our longevity online.

What are your thoughts about Google’s new search class? Leave a comment below.

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2 Responses to Google’s Free Classes Review

  1. E.G. Sebastian July 21, 2012 at 6:05 am

    Great review of Google’s search engine course – thanks for sharing!

    Not only will I check it out, but I’ll also share it with my parents, who – as you very well state it – often get frustrated that they can’t find what they are looking for. This will be really useful for them as well.

    • Murray Lunn July 24, 2012 at 10:21 am

      Glad you found the review helpful and revealing, E.G. :)

      I think it’s a great starting point for many individuals to help them overcome the frustration of using the web. Hopefully we’ll see it expand into other areas like email, social media, and more.

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