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Google Updates Ad-Buying Platform


It seems like these days Google is all about mobile. Right now, they are working heavily on providing the best possible service to their mobile advertisers in a variety of different ways.

Quite recently, Google made two big acquisitions in this area. First, they acquired Motorola Mobility – a mobile communications company focused on customers. And then, just a couple of days ago, they bought Meebo – an instant messaging company.

While the way Google is going to use Motorola Mobility is still unknown, we can make some assumptions regarding Meebo’s place on “team Google.”

For instance, the platform will surely help Google to increase engagement and build better compatibility with mobile. Plus, Google can also include the 100 million userbase of Meebo into their overall ad-receiving audience.

But wait, there’s more! On June 7, Google announced that the massive audience of AdMob – a mobile advertising platform Google acquired two years ago – is now available to over one million AdWords advertisers.

How massive is this audience? Google reports that AdWords advertisers can now reach more than 350 million mobile devices in the AdMob network and in some of the most popular mobile apps.

If that’s not enough, on July 5 Google unveiled a new updated serving solution – DoubleClick Digital Marketing, and said that it’s the biggest overhaul ever of the DoubleClick ad platform.

AdWords advertisers will now see a new campaign type available, which will enable them to access the AdMob network – it’s called “Display Network only (mobile apps).”

There are also some new targeting features. As reported by Google, from now on, advertisers can target specific smartphones, tablet devices, or particular manufacturers.

Such features enable you to make your campaign ultra-specific, which has to result in better conversions and lower campaign costs. Essentially, this is in Google’s best interest too… The better conversions you get, the more you’re going to spend on the next run.

Google is surely on its way to mobilizing everything, and integrating AdMob with AdWords is surely an understandable step. How Google will go about introducing all the other tools and acquisitions is yet to be seen.

What’s your take on this? Are you into mobile ads? Or maybe you’re in the middle of Penguin recovery?

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