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Google Affiliate Network: What You Need To Know


ganGoogle Affiliate Network is a relatively new product of Google. It was created in 2008, when Google bought DoubleClick Performics Affiliate and renamed it to … Google Affiliate Network.

Today it works like a standard affiliate network for people (publishers/affiliates) who want to earn money by referring visitors to certain offers, and for the other team – advertisers, searching for new ways to expand their reach.

How Google Affiliate Network Works

The principles are very simple. After you sign up, choose a merchant, get some ads (more on all of that in a minute) you can get the embed code for your affiliate link, and publish it on your site. Whenever someone clicks your link and takes action (fills out a form, or makes a purchase) you get a commission (on a CPA basis).

How To Sign Up

Anyone can sign up. The only requirement is that you have to have an approved AdSense account before you can join Google Affiliate Network.

If you do, just go to and click the “Sign up as a publisher” button.

One big advantage of Google Affiliate Network is that it doesn’t matter how big your site is. If you have an AdSense account, you are credible enough to join the network too.

What To Do Once You’re In

The best way to start – for a publisher/affiliate – is to go to the official beginner’s guide and follow the instructions there: how to get started with your account.

There’s always a set of tasks that needs to be done, tasks that have nothing to do with making money, yet are still important. The guide will take you through those.

The next step is to connect with advertisers. When you navigate to the “Advertisers” section of your user panel you’ll see a blank screen. This is a bit confusing, but what you have to do is go to the left menu and change the “Relationship status” from “Approved” to “Available,” and a big list of advertisers will be presented to you.


Once you get approved for a program, you can grab a piece of code to embed it on your site, and that’s essentially it.

In the end, Google Affiliate Network is quite easy to get a grasp of. To list its main benefits we have to say that it provides nice tracking and reporting tools, flexible commissions, access to web’s top brands, and a great support center with lots of resources and tutorials.

In conclusion, Google Affiliate Network is surely worth your attention.

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