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The Future of Link Building Services and The Almighty Google


Over the past week we have seen a lot of changes from Google and how they are acting on link building services. One of the most popular and effective link building services around, BuildMyRank has completed closed their doors and stopped running business online.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with BuildMyRank, they were a web site that offered link building services through their massive network of PageRanked and indexed web sites. A user of their service would submit a 150+ word article, then they would get a link back to their web site from one of their high PageRanking network sites.

As wonderful as their service was, once Google de-indexed nearly all of their network sites, they pretty much put them out of business and that’s just what BuildMyRank did.

Google clearly hates paid link building, and there are plenty more web sites out that just like BuildMyRank. Link Authority is another service out there just like BuildMyRank, except it’s free and a great majority of sites in the network are from users of the service. Instead of paying a monthly fee for the service, you can submit your own PageRanked sites and get content submissions to your site as well as credits in your account.

The Future of Link Building

This week has taught everyone once again that you can not rely on one source for all of your revenue or link building efforts. Anyone that focused on incoming links from services like BuildMyRank, pretty much shot themselves in the foot when their sites were all de-indexed.

The best way to build quality web sites and keep Google happy, is to focus on your content and generate real incoming links to your web site or blog. While “paid link advertising” will probably always exist, the following methods are acceptable and effective ways to bring in new links to your site.

  • Guest Blog Posting

  • Press Releases

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Blogroll Links

  • Article Marketing

While some of the methods above might be more affective then others, covering your bases and expanding out on your link building is always a good idea.

It will be interesting to watch Google updates over the next few weeks and months to see how many other link building services fall victim to the might hand of Google.

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2 Responses to The Future of Link Building Services and The Almighty Google

  1. Alex March 24, 2012 at 5:11 am

    Guest blog posting I think is one of the most prospective SEO technique. But everyone should remember Google, applying any SEO technique. Google kicks out and brings to heaven the way he wants. Link building is a very tricky thing. At first its strategies should come along with high quality content, only then they will result. The other thing is that the best strategy can be built only by those who are deep in some particular business. The obvious thing is that the strategy should be built together with SEO company and customer website owner.

    • Michaela March 26, 2012 at 9:45 am

      Link building IS a tricky strategy but I think remembering that content is king and black hat never wins should be the overarching approaches to any SEO and link building strategy.

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