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10 Hand-Picked Website Development Tutorials (for Affiliate Marketers)


Throughout this week I thought it would be a great time to start a short series related to sharing hand-picked tutorials about all aspects of creating sites, online business, and affiliate marketing.

It’s my belief that learning different approaches can help you in the long-run of your affiliate marketing business because it will give you the understanding and know-how of best practices and procedures of the topic. Understanding and implementation of these best practices and procedures will greatly reduce the time, money, and resources needed to complete your goals.

The focus today will be placed within website development.

Whether you’re just getting a start in affiliate marketing or have built a few affiliate websites in the past – I believe you will learn a thing or two that will greatly improve the viability of your business through these tutorials. It may come about as being able to launch sites faster, developing great site structure, or creating an attractive site. Whatever it may be you’re bound to find something of value from the selection of these hand-picked tutorials.

Now, let’s get to the list …


A Comprehensive Guide to Website Planning

This post is an excellent resource for the planning stage of your website development. It will teach you the skills and understanding of all aspects to which goes into the website you may not have known about (but should do to ensure it goes up without a hitch).



How to Make a Website: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

An appropriate starting point for those that want to develop a website from scratch by putting their hands into the coding and getting the project online.



5 Ways to Get More Value from Your Contact Form

An overview (with tips) on how to maximize your contact form which is one of the most important elements of your website if you plan to solicit feedback and have a method of reach for prospects and clients.



How to Build a Membership Website in 48 Hours

This one is going into our list because it’s a big project that can teach you a wealth of information about the site development process and execution. The membership element of the post is the icing on the cake.



10 Ways to Write Damn Good Copy

What good is the design if it lacks any emotional punch in the form of copy? The copy is what drives the conversions which is why it needs to be part of the development process since all other aspects of the site conforms to what you’re writing and selling.



A Beginners Guide to Adwords Display Advertising

Look past the Adwords and see the post for what you can really learn such as proper ad placement, sizing, and layout. You’re likely to have ads on your site (your own or from third party advertisers) so it’s good to know how it’s properly done while you’re in the development phase so you can make appropriate space for them in the future.



A Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing

A/B (Split) testing is going to be a big deal for improving your website and its campaigns based on real feedback gained through site data. It’s good to have A/B testing up and running on the site as you launch so you can maximize the amount of time you’re tracking your growth.



SEO Basics: 8 Essentials When Optimizing Your Site

SEO is best done when developing the code and site structure; all other efforts rely upon great SEO on a foundation level. Take care of the items covered in this article and you shouldn’t have trouble moving forward with the site development and getting ranked.



15 Tips to Speed Up Your Website

A nice collection of techniques to ensure your site is going as fast as possible. Quick loading sites do better in search engine placement and conversions (by letting people get in and on their way without the frustration of waiting). Speed is an important thing to consider during the development because it can help you play triage with features, scripts, and other code which may bog down the site.



How to Quickly Set Up an Effective Ecommerce Website in WordPress

Quite a handy guide to learning the plugins and options you have if you plan to create a site that allows for Ecommerce. Being focused on the WordPress side of things you can bet that it’s not too difficult to follow through the tutorial. Even if you use a different CMS or platform there are tips and tricks worth noting.




Information is powerful but only if you put it to practice. It’s very easy to glance through this post, make a mental note of which you’d like to do, but never get around doing it. If you have the time then just jump right into it. Don’t put it off. Hop on that drive and use it to work your way through a tutorial.

Once you finish a tutorial – turn to your current work and see where those new skills can come into play.

Stay tuned throughout the week for additional tutorials that will help you as an affiliate marketer and be sure to share this post if you’ve found it helpful.


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