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How NOT to Approach Link Building


There are plenty of ways to go about building links for your site:

  • Earning them such as when others link to your work

  • Including them in guest posts

  • Embedding them in an infographic

  • Using them in your social profiles

  • Asking for them on other sites

The list goes on and on; each are proper methods to earn your site those all-important links.

But then you have the types that are brutish in the link building side of things…

  • Those bombarding you with emails

  • Those going against posting policies in their guest submission

  • Those that are spam crazy

I want you to look into these three types not only to help you avoid dealing with these types of people (or bots) but so that you don’t become one of these people.

1st: The Email Bombers

These people are the ones that unleash war on inboxes around the industry. I’m sure you’ve received your share of emails – they often are thinly disguised as an appreciated reader or sometimes they’re just direct and to the point:

Dear X,

I run the site Y and would love if I could have you include a link on your website.



Other times they may try leading you on with some blurb about how they love your work and the design (without ever really going into the specifics). Other times they’ll go with a sales pitch (sometimes offering monetary compensation).

The problem with these thin guises of an email is that they’re just shot all over the place as if they are casting a net trying to snag a few fish rather than actually trying to pair the link with relevant content.

Don’t become that person that wastes everyone’s time. We all know the link doesn’t fit well and we can see through your fake sincerity so just move along please.

2nd: The Sneakies

If you thought the email bombers were being sly with their faux attempts at schmoozing then you’re going to have a laugh at what others attempt when they’re trying to be sneaky with their links (which to, even for amateurs, is extremely easy to spot).

I’ll give you one example which explains everything:

Looks innocent enough because there is a real name and the URL seems fine but the wording of the comment feels off which is an immediate red flag that it’s either being done by a bot or outsourced.

I would say to click the link they provide to verify their legitimacy but it’s probably not the risk because you never know if they may redirect the URL to something malicious; that’s real sneaky (and unethical).

3rd: The Super Spammers

Then you have the people that decide to go full automation with scraper and link building tools which basically blasts sites that fail to moderate comments, profile creation, and submissions.

This is when you start to see this garbage:

I makes you really scratch your head, doesn’t it? Are people paying for what they think are “legitimate SEO services” and then they do this? Certainly. Are there people that do this on their own? Yup. The red flags can be spotted immediately because it simply has no context.

The programs, scripts, and bots are getting sophisticated to the point they can sometimes pass as legitimate comments, profiles, and submissions but it’s always important to do some due diligence as to where the link is going before you blindly accept.


If you avoid these three, unethical (and stupid) ways to build links then you get a gold star.

Yes, some of this works (some of it works really well, actually) but do you really want to fill the Web with pure garbage just so you can maybe make a commission on some shady product no one needs?

Do yourself a favor and stick to the methods that have been effective for all these years. Try out some of the new ones you may learn. But avoid these three because they’re greasy.


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