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How To Automate Your Email Marketing Business


The time invested toward your business, on a daily basis, dwindles with greater success. The best use of your skills should go toward the next, great contribution to your portfolio but if you’re stuck with the micromanaging than things will grow stagnant.

The name of the game is automation.

Automation allows you to step back from your email marketing business and lets it run on autopilot; this concept may seem alien and you may want to cling to the everyday details but you already have the skills and tools to make it happen – it only takes a forward thinking mindset (and some up-front work).

Automatic Leads :: Full-Time Conversions

One third of the automation process is converting the leads and placing subscribers on your list.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Create a landing page and increase its search rankings for your main terms

  • Send guest post & external article readers to your landing pages

  • Add links in your content, sidebar, and a graphical call-to-action on pages as opt-in’s

When working on your website, networking, social media, and other promotional methods, always be thinking about how you can automatically get individuals to see your offer and convert on the landing page or opt-in forms without trying to fit it all together after the fact.

Forward Thinking :: Content Strategy

Capture it.

In terms of forward thinking, you should foresee what content subscribers will get down the line.

Within the vast majority of email marketing services, such as iContact, are tools for creating automatic messages. This autoresponder becomes the backbone to your automatic email marketing campaigns.

There is no limit to how forward you can create content for your list; it only comes down to how much work (and forward thinking) you want to implement at this time. For example, you could create an email sequence that goes well beyond a few years; emailing subscribers once a week, which means you’d need to create a great chunk of that content at this point in time.

Think of your automatic email sequence at a series of short stories, each with their own problems and solutions, conclusions and resolutions. Start subscribers out with incredible content, pepper in some promotions, link back to your website, let them download freebies, and they’ll stay hooked without you lifting a finger after everything is running.

Sure, it’s a bit of up-front work now but what could you do with all the extra time once things are automated? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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