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10 Steps to Increase Website Credibility


Don't get caught lying on your website-- it's the fastest way to destroy credibility.

Credibility builds trust. Trust creates followers. Followers become your buyers. The process for building credibility comes in two parts: who you are and what you show. In this article, I’ll be sharing the ten essential steps required to build greater website credibility. Building Website Credibility: The Ten Step Process

  1. If you haven’t, create an About Me page to share your story of how you began in your industry, your goals, and how you plan to help your readers.

  2. Add personal pictures throughout your website to give people a real person to connect with and relate the information you’re sharing.

  3. Cover topics that are of your personal interest and passion; let your voice soar and convey how much you care for your industry, topic, and audience.

  4. Create content with your own, unique tone of voice; write casually in a conversational tone yet be firm with your information and take a stance in debates.

  5. Reach out and connect with your audience on a one-to-one level; this builds a closer relationship and creates an inclusive environment for your community members.

  6. Release a product that that defines your brand; create the best possible product you have to offer your community and use it to leverage your credibility through value.

  7. Build your social network and buddy up with influential members of your industry; your credibility is often associated with the people you work with – use it.

  8. Be part of your industry; don’t fudge the truth. Share as much as you know but don’t speculate your information – stick to what you know and bridge the gap between content that’s real and call-out content that’s been created by the non-experts.

  9. Disclose your information and intent; never lie to your audience. Truth, even in affiliate marketing, goes a long way – people are far more likely to purchase from your business if they know what you represent.

  10. Expand your business into credible fields that compliment your offerings. Be part of the larger community and use your existing work as a way to bridge into new areas while bringing your following along.

These steps for building credibility are not set in stone yet processed, in this order, will build upon the former – you’ll soon reach a point where your credibility won’t come into question – you’ll have complete trust in your audience; once you have the trust, you’ll be rolling in the sales.

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