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How-to Find a Niche that hasn’t been done to Death


There are two sides of the coin:

  • Go with a niche that has a proven track record of earning money

  • Find a niche and become the authority

The trouble with both, unfortunately, is that marketing has found its way into every nook and cranny which is making it increasingly difficult to claim a piece of the “affiliate pie” since many businesses and individuals have the market cornered due to their legacy in the niche.

But … don’t worry …

The world is constantly expanding and we have this wonderful tool called the Internet which can help us find unique, untapped areas of the Web, culture, and consumerism that has yet to be tapped and saturated by too many marketers.

In this article, we’ll share one of the easiest ways to find these hard-to-find niches (that haven’t been done to death).

Finding those untapped niche markets

A niche is a segment of a larger market but you can go deeper when you begin to explore the niches within a niche (sub-niche that is).

Set a few parameters when you begin to do your niche research:

  • How many complete websites show up in the first 20 or 30 search listings (sites that are actually complete and not just some one page sales letter).

  • Does the niche have a forum? If so than you can use it to pull out ideas for your direction and weigh how well-known the niche may be to the bigger market.

  • Can I contact someone that’s been in the niche for some time to hear their opinion?

ReadWriteWeb has an excellent piece interviewing startups about how they find their niche which you should browse through. One response which jumps out is about redefining the community which shuffles the niche and restarts it right at the core.

In general: take your keywords and ideas, plug them into the Google Keyword Tool, and begin digging deeper into what’s available online. Check for available products, see who has the majority control on the niche, and measure what would happen if it were suddenly saturated by thousands of marketers.

Here’s what we’d recommend to verify the niche opportunity:

First, check affiliate marketplaces or in-house programs that have products currently available to the niche. Find products that sell by digging into the analytics provided on the network such as the gravity which will give you its general popularity with affiliates. Use what you’ve found to do additional research about the product providers to see what types of keywords, tone, and marketing strategies they’ve put into effect to carve out their placement in the niche.

Next, you’ll want to verify the market for your entry by going over to Google Trends and searching for some of the main keywords and topics used within the industry. Verify that the niche is on a trend going up in attention and that it has been around longer than just a few months.

You may also want to head over to SpyFu and use their tool which compiles the Google Adwords being used for particular keywords as they will give you a basic idea on whether people are spending money in the niche (which means that consumers seek available products).

Finally, use tools like and to get an idea as to where certain websites rank within the niche. There will be a few individuals that may have already found the market so pay attention to what they’re doing, browse through their best posts, read the community comments, follow them on social networks, and do your proper competitor research.

But … just to make sure

Great, so you’ve found a niche that hasn’t been saturated but … are you sure it’s untapped because it’s fresh and unclaimed or because it’s not profitable?

You have to ask yourself:

  • What are people buying in this niche and how much do they usually spend?

  • How long does this niche hold an individual’s attention?

  • Is this just a passing fad or something that shows a potential trend?

Do your due diligence when it comes to the market research in this niche that you have found. An affiliate marketer needs products readily available to make their move into a niche otherwise one could be waiting around for years before something big comes along and it may be over by that time.

However, it’s also completely possible that you become the authority in the market by your entry especially if you’re the one to create an information product.

How do you find niche markets that are untapped? Share your secrets with a comment below or join our discussion over at Facebook.


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