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How To Get Expired Domain Names


Every business has the ability to expand and grow, Have you ever wondered what happens to killer domain names when they expire? Or even a better question: did you ever want to register a domain name that someone else had?

In this post we will answer both of these questions and show you how you can get your hands on some amazing domain names!

What Happens to Domain Names When They Expire?

Thousands, if not millions, of domain names expire every day. Most of them are worn out, not that desirable or just for domain testing and redirects… however they are a few hidden gems in the mix.

Without getting too complicated, when domain names expired, they are usually sucked up by the huge domain name companies. They are then either privately sold or put up for auctions or back ordering services.

Through these domain back ordering and auction sites is where you can finally get your hands on some of the greatest domain names around.

What Sites are the Best for Getting Expired Domain Names?

There are plenty of services out there like GoDaddy and NameCheap for when it comes to registering domain names, and most of them even offer back ordering services, but I wouldn’t say that they are the best around.

Two expired domain name companies that I have had a lot of success with, are NameJet and Pool.

NameJet has been my favorite site for grabbing expired domain names, and they are really good at doing it. They’ve recently redesigned their site and it looks much better and so it the use and navigation of the site. You can see their main page below, and how they break down the different domain names that are currently up for renewal/expiration and soon to be up for auctions.

Pool is another site I’ve used for many years, and they were actually the first site I ever used for grabbing expired domain names. Since first using them, I’ve been able to grab some domain names that I never thought I would have got my hands on.

How Much Do Expired Domain Names Cost?

Using either of the domain name expiration services above is free, but you will have to place a minimum bid of around $59 per domain name. If more than one bidder is interested in a domain name, then it will go into auction.

I’ve been able to secure several domain names for the $59 amount, while also going into auctions and winning domains for over $5,000 each.

Explore the World of Expired Domain Names

If you’ve always been interested about domain names, but never knew where to start, check out the two sites above and see what domains you might be interested in. They are free to join, and you never know what good domains might be going up for auction next!

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