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How To Make Your Blog Stand Out


No matter what type of business, blog or web site you have on the internet, it’s important to make a lasting impression! Just think about how many other web sites are out there competing for traffic in your same niche. Some of them may even be paying top dollar for their traffic through pay per click marketing efforts. Knowing all of this, it makes you want to value your site traffic just a little bit more.

One of the best ways to take advantage of your incoming traffic is to make them feel appreciated, by showing them your site matters! To do this we will have to follow five simple steps to making your blog stand out from the crowd. Let’s get started!

A Custom WordPress Theme is a Must

Nothing makes your blog stand out more than having your own custom blog theme. Not only will you have a look and feel that no one else has, but you can also make sure all of your important blog posts and content are right in the face of visitors when they get to your site.

Leave a Lasting Impression with a Logo or Mascot

Think about the most famous brands in the world, the majority of them have a unique logo that makes them brandable. Some of these logos don’t even have words on them yet people still know what they are. Think of your blog as a business and brand and start your branding from day one. Creating a logo is actually much cheaper and easier than you think. Give your readers something they will remember time and time again.

Showcasing Featured and Top Blog Posts

The majority of people are coming to your blog because they want to read your content. However, not all of your visitors will spend their time going through all of your old blog posts and best content. It’s important to have your top blog posts right on the main page and near the top as much as possible. Of all your blog content, you want your best posts to be read the most!

Plugins and Sidebar Menus are Your Friend

Through the use of plugins and your side bar menu you can add a lot of content and features to your site. Many blog owners are using the side bar as a menu and way to serve banner advertising. The side bar of your blog can also be used for a search box, tag clouds, archives and much more. The important thing is to make sure that you are utilizing all of your side bar space.

Don’t Forget About the Footer!

The footer of your blog is forgotten by many blog owners, but it’s actually ones of the last chances you have to make a lasting impression on the reader and maybe even give them a call to action. At the least, your footer section should have some links, a site map and info about the site or the author who runs it.

Taking the time to make sure you are getting the maximum exposure out of your blog, while also keeping branding and user experience are key to building an authority blog that continues to grow and stand the test of time. With billions of sites on the internet, how is yours going to stand out from the crowd?

This post was written by Zac Johnson

To learn more about how to maximize revenue potential and build a successful blog, please visit my affiliate marketing blog at or follow me on Twitter @moneyreign.

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One Response to How To Make Your Blog Stand Out

  1. Hooshmand Moslemi March 30, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Thank you Zac and also AffiliatePrograms for providing such an informative article.

    I would like to add some more points in order to make your blog stand out:

    It is important to give our visitors the chance for interaction. The more options we give to our audience to interact with our blog, the better it will stand out. For example, allowing users to rate and review articles and posts is a great feature which encourages the traffic to be more dynamic.

    Also providing social exposure to the visitors will make your site more attractive and outstanding. People want to follow your site and nothing is better than integrating your social channels on your blog. If you have a Facebook Fan Page or a Twitter Profile, let your audience know about it.

    I guess I have added some points here. Hope it helps.


    Hooshmand Moslemi

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