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I’m With Jamie: Well, It Would Be Better That You’re Not


I’m With Jamie is an online course that takes users through the process of earning money through building and flipping websites, affiliate marketing, and outsourcing.

The core structure of this course is centered around new comer’s to this industry through a series of videos, worksheets, webinars, and other training resources that cover all matters of the Internet marketing basics.

In this short overview, we’ll take a look into what’s offered through the I’m With Jamie product and what you stand to earn promoting this product as an affiliate.

I’m With Jamie: The Overview

Jamie Lewis, the creator behind the “I’m With Jamie” training course, has years of experience under his belt and a list of Internet success (or, at least stated on the product page as “an Internet millionaire”).

The course comprises of 12 live training courses that are later republished as a recording (think: webinar to video). Throughout the course, participants are encouraged to ask questions and give feedback about the techniques. The program also includes access to creating multiple websites to get started.

Note: At the time of this writing, the “course” would have already reached its completion which means buyers would be watching the past videos – and we’re not sure if the live help is still available.

What’s in Store for the Affiliates?

According to Click2Sell, here is the program structure:

  • 75% commissions on the initial sale

  • 180 day tracking cookie

  • Dedicated affiliate staff and support tools

Digging through the sales video (which is quite engaging), Jamie shares his sales earnings through various tax returns. As the video continues, Jamie tours his house and shows the life of the super affiliate which, in terms of enticing visitors, is certain to intrigue newbies to the affiliate marketing niche.

As it stands now, customers can start with a $1 offer that later continues to a monthly charge of $197 which, if you ask us, is downright steep considering the topic matter and the less-than-stellar cancellation policy.

I’m With Jamie: In Review

I’m With Jamie certain covers the basics but does it provide enough value to its affiliates?

The Good

  • It’s a comprehensive course for beginners

  • The $1 trial will encourage users to sign up (and increase your conversions)

  • Weekly worksheets, webinars, and training provides real value

The Bad

  • That $1 trial leads to an absurd $197 a month charge (a quick way to burn your followers)

  • Jamie’s actual website is in shambles (which questions the validity of claims)

  • Basically, every bit of information covered can be found already (at a better price)

The Bottom Line

So, is this recent rendition of I’m With Jamie really worth the trouble to promote?

Our Verdict: 1.5 out of 5

Whenever a product is over-hyped in the sales video without very much information as to what the course details – you can bet that we’re going to be skeptical.

A closer look at Jamie’s web presence doesn’t show much in terms of his personal website which makes you question his claims (that’s never good). However, the course covers all of the basics which does help people get started in this niche – although charging such a high amount doesn’t seem right. Yes, the trial would technically help your conversions but we don’t recommend “dumping” your hard-earned community into a product like this even if the commissions are high.

Stay away. Stay verrrry far away.

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