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SMS Marketing Basics: To Send or Not To Send?

SMS marketing can be a valuable way of reaching customers, but only IF they want to hear from you, Jim Lillig discusses. Learn how the basic rules of thumb for your first SMS campaign.

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How To Diversify Your Internet Marketing Business

Stand on the shoulders of your business by discovering potential product verticals and leveraging everything you have to develop a new, successful revenue stream.

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How To Negotiate With Your Affiliate Manager

Earn more money from your affiliate business by negotiating with affiliate managers using these timeless tactics.

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The Basics of Joining Your First Affiliate Program

One of the most successful affiliate programs of all time, is the Amazon Affiliate Program, which instantly gives you access to promote and earn a commission on nearly every single product on their web site. Since already has millions of customers and is a well established brand, it will make it that much easier for you to promote and earn a commission on referred sales.

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Qualities of Successful Affiliates

When you speak to most successful affiliates who have made a career out of affiliate marketing, they are usually highly self-motivated individuals, who enjoy working on their own terms.

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Affiliate Marketing Forums, News and Resources

Do you have what it takes to succeed in affiliate marketing? Advance your skills and profits by exploring this ultimate guide of affiliate marketing resources.

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Good Morning, Maui: Affiliate Marketing On The Go

James Martell discusses how you can live the lifestyle you want-- from anywhere in the world-- if you get serious about your business.

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Data Feeds for Affiliate Marketing: Are They Getting Any Easier?

The technical aspect of data feeds can be daunting for affiliates who need to consider the shopping experience of their audience. With the right tools, data feeds can be helpful tools to work with.

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The Best Affiliate Tracking Solutions

What type of affiliate marketer are you? Different levels of affiliate marketing require different tracking solutions. Make sure you are using the best tracking software for your ad campaigns.

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4 Ways to Advertise Your Business for Free

Free is always good, and finding free ways to advertise your business is crucial. Here are four easy ways you can advertise your business for free.

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