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Introduction To Home & Garden Affiliate Programs


Affiliate programs, often referred to as “partner” or “associate” programs, allow participating website to earn sales commissions by marketing and selling products and services. Even if you don’t have a product of your own to sell, you can still benefit from the rapidly expanding e-commerce industry. Among the popular products commonly sold online are home and garden merchandise such as furniture, kitchen supplies, home products, and even real estate. As the online market continues to grow, the demand for home and garden products has increased as well.

Signing up for home affiliate programs is easy, but converting affiliate links into actual sales is a bit trickier. With careful planning, high quality Web content, excellent product selection and effective site promotion, you can take advantage of everything that home and garden affiliate programs have to offer.

Choosing Home Affiliate Programs

Your first step as an affiliate marketer is to carefully research available affiliate programs and choose those that are the most relevant to your website. For example, if you have a website that reviews furniture products, signing up for an affiliate program that offers pet supplies would be a poor choice. While it is important to choose affiliate programs that are topically relevant to your website, you should also consider other specific needs that your customers may have. If your audience consists mostly of budget-conscious college students, you should choose affiliate that offer affordable products or great sale prices.

Furniture Affiliate Programs

If your website is focused on home design or decorating, then furniture affiliate programs might be a great addition to your website. These home affiliate programs often lead to impressive sales commissions, but you need to market featured items effectively in order to generate sales. Start by creating design and decorating articles and tutorials. Next, include links to the products you recommend for achieving the look and design described in the article. By demonstrating how your readers can actually use the product, they will feel more inspired to make a purchase. Some of the best-known furniture affiliate programs include:




Kitchen Affiliate Programs

Kitchen appliances and products are among the most popular e-commerce merchandise. Unlike impulse buys, most purchase made though home affiliate programs are made after careful research and consideration. In order to convince consumers to buy kitchen supplies and products from you, it is absolutely vital that your website provide enough details to allow them to make an informed decisions. Complete product descriptions, editorials reviews, customer reviews, and tutorials are all great ways to help your readers decide if the product is the right one for them. Some popular kitchen affiliate programs include:

  • Amazon Associates Program



Pet Products Affiliate Programs

Today, consumers are eager to find pet products and supplies to pamper and spoil their animal companions. If your website is aimed at pet owners, these home affiliate programs are an ideal solution. Focusing on a niche market, such as a certain dog breed, is a great way to draw in users who are eager to make a purchase. Some popular pet products affiliate programs include:


  • 1-800-PetMeds


Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Real estate affiliate programs often offer home pricing services, apartment listings, foreclosure searchers, and realtor services. If your website is focused on offering home buying or selling advice, these home affiliate programs would be a good match for you. Web publishers and affiliates often recommend the following real estate affiliate programs:


  • HomeGain


Top Affiliate Program Tips

In order to establish yourself as a successful affiliate marketer, you must be willing to put the time and energy into fully developing your website and marketing strategy. The following tips provide some of the best techniques and advice to help you best use home affiliate programs.

1. Choose affiliate programs from trusted retailers. Consumers feel more comfortable making online purchases from familiar merchants.

2. Remember that the same rules that apply to brick-and-mortar storefront also apply to online sellers. Courtesy, service, and security are very important to your customers. Only choose affiliate programs that have a demonstrated track record of delivering high quality products and service.

3. Focus on creating high-quality editorial content. Genuine reviews of products, how-to tutorials, product guides and informative articles are the best way to achieve high search rankings, draw in new readers, and increase your affiliate sales commissions. It may take persistence and patience, but the rewards can be well worth the effort.


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